Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 17

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 47, chapter 47

Reuben screamed as he stomped in a circle, so angry the magic mist started to fade in and out. "This is not cool!" He spun in another circle, his one leg out to the side, his hands at his hair. "Right now..." he pointed to Ash as he spotted him coming out of the house carrying the King in wolf form. "Right now, he's got no power." Reuben said leaning over to face the wolf, grabbing him by the muzzle. "Look at me! Right now, you're just like the rest of us. You're just some shapeshifter who is surviving off of table scraps!"

"Are you done?" Ash asked as he lifted his knee to adjust the weight of the wolf. "Cause we really need to get out of here."

"No! Bad King! Bad werewolf! Using me like that." he said pointing a finger at the wolf. "Urrgghh!" he continued to scream. The wolf just licked his chops swallowing.(get ready for the one flashback link) "That is not fine, not acceptable and totally DESPICABLE!"

"I still want to know how and why?" Ash commented as he started to walk back towards home.

Rolf was sitting in front of the cabin, two large salmon on a spit, rotating them. "What's going on?" he asked looking up from his task, careful to keep the food from sitting on one spot for too long over the fire pit.

"He freaked out, transformed and took us to this female's place. Human female." Ash commented laughing as he finally let the wolf down. The King bowed his head stretching out on the porch in defeat. 

"So he was hunting?" Rolf asked. Ash began to answer but was interrupted by a still annoyed Reuben.

"No he went there for sex!" Reuben said.  Rolf raised an eyebrow at him running his hand through his hair.

"And this makes you mad why?"

Reuben stomped around again in a circle his hair in his face. "Cause I recognized her. I've been... he's been...urrggghhh!" he stormed off into the woods.

"Um help me out here." Rolf said turning to Ash.  Ash sat down on a tree stump by the other other male, his hands over his knees, neck bent as he started laughing wildly.

"Seems it's one of the things he's been doing while he had control of Reuben's body."

A snigger turned into a full blown fit of mad laughter from the larger male, unable to keep the image out of his mind.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine....me

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