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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 25

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 55, chapter 55

Rolf wandered out of the cabin, a look of concern on his face. "We should get ready, we need to get going soon."

"Go?" our heroine asked turning to look at the large man.

"You didn't tell her yet?" he cracked his knuckles as his eyebrows knitted together.

"Forgot." Dagan commented as he stood up, leaning over the female sniffing deeply. "Ah, you smell like you again." he grunted.

"That's creepy." she replied still flipping pages in the book.

"No, it's the full moon." Rolf answered as he ran both hands over his face. "This is the first time a female..."

"A supernatural female." Dagan corrected as he jumped up and down, shaking out his shoulders.

"...a supernatural female, has been around the during a full moon. Which means, we've got to get some distance between us and you for the night."

"Uh?" she closed the book standing up, taking a couple of steps towards Rolf, but he backed away nearly jumping out of his skin.

"You know how you keep referring to yourself as a championship belt, well think of it like putting that belt up over a ring with a ladder, and it being every man for himself." Rolf said, starting to make a chewing motion.

"To the extreme." Dagan smiled scratching his jaw. "It's more complicated then just that."

"But it's that alpha male issue again?" our heroine asked moving another few steps towards Rolf, who once again took another few steps backwards. This time not paying attention to where he was going and tripped over her leather bag falling on his butt.

"You're not claimed as anyone's mate, if you were, this wouldn't be an issue." he grumbled still sitting on the ground, his hair falling into his face. He let out a deep breath eyes cast down as he stood up. "The full moon will activate a primal instinct to challenge for the alpha position. In turn claiming you. We will literally rip each other limb from limb trying to ..." Rolf blushed.

"Climb the ladder to the belt. Got it." our heroine let out a deep breath. "But I still don't get the whole supernatural female full moon combo? Little lost on that."

"Heightened awareness." Dagan said moving closer to her. She could swear he had skipped he was still so giddy. "Sort of like how you were when you were still addicted to wolf blood. We won't be able to help ourselves." he rolled his eyes then, tilting his head, his mouth open as he bent down picking up a large piece of grass blowing on it, making it whistle, then grinned at her like a little kid.

"You'll be fine. Totally safe, if you lock the windows and the door and stay in Ash's room. We're all going to the old house on the other side of the woods. Where that old witch used to live before Reuben ate her." Rolf commented unable to keep the worried expression from his face.

"And you never thought to tell me this sooner?"

Dagan shrugged, "Didn't think you'd be around that long."  he grabbed her then by the shoulders, pushing her towards the cabin. "Come on, sun is almost set. You can already see the moon in the sky." he continued and in one smooth motion, grabbed her leather bag from the ground still hanging onto her. They made it to the bottom of the porch stairs when it happened.

The first hit came out of nowhere.  Rolf stood over his friend, his eyes having turned to the amber-grey of the wolf, his head down claws sharp, fangs exposed as he growled.
The others ran out at the same second, all having sensed the change in the air. The sun had dipped behind a cloud for a few long seconds as it was setting. Just enough for the moon to be completely visible in the night sky.

Rolf bent back letting a massive roar fill the air, his hair flying everywhere as he tackled Dagan, sending him hurdling backwards. Dagan sprang to his feet, his teeth bared, as he charged Rolf. Both men went tumbling through the dirt.
Ash was flexing and unflexing his fists, snarling inches away from the Seer, who himself had dropped to a crouch ready to pounce. Blood and fur flew in the night air.   Reuben went to grab Ash to hold him back, only to get an elbow to the nose.

"Roo." our heroine breathed as she found herself holding the spell book to her chest like a shield, back flat against the cabin wall.  All she could do was watch as the six werewolves, all in different  states of transformation, tear violently into each other.  "I...I...I claim Reuben!" she screamed, her own eyes pure white of the banshee, letting her voice raise to a pitch that seemed to echo off the trees. All the males stopped cold, Rolf in mid punch breathing hard, Ash kneeling on the chest of the Seer, the King having changed completely stopped biting Reuben and licked his chops looking in our heroine's direction. Reuben rubbed the back of his hand over his mouth, wiping the blood from it.  Dagan moved slowly towards her, his shoulders hunched, half turned, a look of disgust and pain on his face. Sniffing, he spat out a mouthful of blood then grabbed her by the back of the neck.

"Do you have any idea what you just did?" he growled as he shoved her back against the cabin wall hard. "You just took from me, my alpha position with that sentence."  he backed away from her jumping over the railing of the porch. "You've taken the only thing from me I had. That was truly mine." he shook his head, his hair falling into his eyes as he laughed. He nodded to no one as he transformed completely and then disappeared into the woods.

Reuben stalked towards her, tossing what looked like a handful of fur to the ground, pointing at her. "I didn't want this!" he gestured towards the rest of the werewolves. "I didn't want to take that from him. He's my best friend, family! You should have kept your mouth shut vampire!" he leaned in over her then, spit flying everywhere he was so angry. Shaking his head so that his long dark hair was in his face in sweaty ringlettes, Reuben growled at her. "You will find a way to fix this. Tonight! Before it's too late." he stomped away from her a few feet then swore as he ran his hands through his hair nearly ripping it out. Turning around on his heels he stomped back to where she was grabbing her by the wrist. She nearly tripped down the porch stairs trying to keep up with him as he moved quickly towards the woods. The dark haired male didn't speak to her again till they were at the old witch's cabin.
Shoving her into the doorway, he continued to throw a tantrum as he entered the place. Reuben kicked at the furniture, threw books off the shelves, broke a lantern before falling down to a crouch. "Why did you feel you had to say anything?" he asked "And why couldn't you have just picked Dagan?" he swore again as he stood back up spinning around on his heels.

"Gut instinct." she whispered.

"No. No. No!" he screamed at her, pointing with each word. "I'll have none of! Do you hear me? You're not meant for me." he gestured then to the doorway of the cabin. "The King, Leo he put you up to this didn't he? Huh? So that he can have his little scheme."  our heroine shook her head as she backed away farther into the cabin. "Then why would you do such a thing? We had a balance going." he slapped his hands together. "And I thought you and I were becoming friends. Why destroy that?" Reuben looked at her his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes pleading, searching for something. "No, this isn't right. We need to fix this. Dagan is our alpha. You have to figure out a way to undo what you've done before morning." he closed his eyes, licking his lips, flicking his hair out of his face, taking a half step towards her.

"What are you afraid of?"

"I'm not afraid of anything. You don't belong to me!" he slapped his hands together again. "I'm not the one you have the sire bond with."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (another straight up story piece. Collective sigh as we all wouldn't mind being in a dark cabin alone with Reuben)

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