Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 24

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 54, chapter 54

Looking up from the spell book, our heroine spotted Dagan outside by the oven, moving in a strange stiff limb fashion.  "What is he doing?"

"I think it's the robot."  Reuben said smiling wide, his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes sparkling. "Just hope he doesn't start singing."

"Not a lot of time in the karaoke bars?" our heroine remarked.

"Are you okay?" Reuben asked still resting his chin on her shoulder trying to read the spell over it. "You're acting really snarky."

"I'm FINE! I'm good, totally don't worry about it." she opened the picnic basket removing some of the jars, trying to read the labels. "The sooner I fix his hand, the sooner I can get going."

"Go where?" Rolf asked. "We took you to the graveyard and it didn't work."

"Maybe there is another crypt we need to try...I need to try." she said letting out a held breath, still holding onto the severed hand, twirling it in circles.

"Hey careful I still need that!" the Seer said leaning over the table, still holding on to his empty wrist.

"That's what you get for messing with people's love lives. Lucky it was only your hand." she screamed dropping the hand onto the table as it moved giving her the finger.

"I still have motor functions in it? That's information that might come in handy." he said smiling. Everyone just stared at him. "What, it's the obvious joke."

"As cute and funny as you are, right now I need you to shut up." our heroine snarled at him while she mixed ingredients into a mortar making a paste. "Here." she leaned over the table, slathering the paste on the wound, then on the severed hand, telling him to hold it in place for a moment, while she sealed it with more, then chanted the spell that was listed in the book.  The Seer's arm started to glow green as the paste melted into his flesh.  He was back to normal within minutes.

"So it would seem you've got some Ripper in you." Rolf commented smiling wide.  Our heroine glared at him over her shoulder as she cleaned up the table, putting all the ingredients back into the basket, and taking the spell book with her outside. Ash leaned against the table, raising an eyebrow at the large male. "I just meant the whole severed arm thing."  Rolf flicked his hair out of his face, his eyes still shinning bright. "What?"

Our heroine took a seat on the tree stump a few feet away from the firepit, resting the spell book on her lap.  "of course, no sort of index." she mumbled angrily. Dagan leaned over her right shoulder, trying to read the book.

"What you looking for?" he asked, his blue eyes crinkled as he smiled at her. He then reached over and ruffled her hair, before crouching down beside her. He was in a strangely playful mood.

"A way home." her voice was flat as she continued to flip the pages. "Why the hell are you so giddy?"

He shrugged scratching at his shoulder, and started to bounce on his heels. "Full Moon."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story once again.)

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