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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 23

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 53, chapter 53

"So, why are you running away?" Ash continued.

"Small cabin tiny bathroom, really tired of sharing it with 6 werewolves.  Little unsure about this whole Farscape moment I seem to be having you know. I might not get back to where I'm suppose to be but unlike the character of Crichton when he got stuck on the show ...he had a life. You would think that with all the magic that walking book of shadows can do, he'd be able to send me back to where I'm suppose to be, but I'm stuck here. With that twisted version of the Charmed Ones...those Halliwell hounds."  Ash raised an eyebrow at her, dipping one shoulder towards her. " You know the power of three...forget it." our heroine tried to move from him, but he held on to her arm.

"So you're unhappy?"

"I'm frustrated." she answered gesturing with her free arm. "You got what you were looking for in life. You wanted a litter of puppies, and you got it. Not in the form you were totally expecting, instead of getting them as babies, you got them full grown but..." she gestured towards the cabin. "You got your family. What the hell do I have?"

Ash made a sound as he lowered his gaze. "What is it you really want in life?"

"Just to be loved." our heroine turned to look in the direction that Harker had driven off in. Ash sniffed as he followed her gaze, shaking his head.

"He's off limits remember?" the very tattooed male said as he leaned in whispering as to keep the other werewolves from hearing too much. "Besides, something tells me you wouldn't be happy with such a normal life." he smirked at her, his eyes filled with concern.

"Normal? In this place?" she moved from him, heading in the direction Harker had. "And he's only off limits as far as biting goes. I said I wouldn't turn him or feed off him. Didn't say I wouldn't shack up with him."  Our heroine arrived at the docks, a speech memorized in hopes of winning over the dark haired man; only she found herself too late.  His ship was gone.  Harker was gone.

"I heard what you said about being stuck here." the warm breath hit her ear as the Seer sat down beside her.  Our heroine had been sitting on the edge of the docks for the last few hours, watching the sun shimmer over the water, hoping somehow that Harker wasn't really gone. "Have you thought that maybe you're here for a reason?"

"You see that in your little crystal ball?" she snarled not looking at him. He let out a deep sigh, shaking his head.

"More of a gut reaction." the Seer commented.

"Not like anyone here needs me. All I've done is get kidnapped, killed, used as a pawn in a family feud, so yeah not buying the whole here for a purpose thing."

"Well, you ruined my plans by the way, by freeing the King and you helped rescue Rolf's brothers along with the other shapeshifters that were in the prison. You brought Harker and Dagan together again." he smiled at her, leaning towards her.

"Rolf rescued his brothers and the other shifters, I was just the distraction. Reuben, Rolf and Ash freed the King, I had nothing to do with that. Your plans would have been ruined anyways, cause you didn't think it totally through to begin with, and Dagan and Harker were fine before I came along." she let her hand slap her thigh in defeat.

"Well, you are the first person in my life who's stuck around without being under a seduction spell." he nudged her with his shoulder, the grin never leaving his beautiful face.

"Only cause you said you didn't want to put the energy into seducing me. And you're only sticking around me because of the werewolf in you. The whole loyalty thing." she made a sound as she leaned over, her face in her hands. "I really made a mess of it with Harker. I really liked him."

The Seer cleared his throat. "Um...yeah about that. Maybe you shouldn't take it so hard, given..." he swallowed as he stood up suddenly intrigued by the contents of his pockets. "Cause it was me." he gave a short laugh as he scratched at the back of his skull then smoothed down his shirt with his other hand. "I was in the lighthouse that day, watching, waiting, plotting and I saw you show up looking" he gestured around them towards a few of the people still lingering on the docks. "And I cast a small spell, just to point Harker in your direction. And when I say I saw, I mean..." he brought both hands up to his face playing peak-a-boo. Tilting his head he took two steps backward from her. "Remember, that was before when I was soulless and not a wolf."

The Seer fell to the ground holding his wrist, screaming in pain. Looking up at our heroine who's eyes were pure white of the banshee, her double row of fangs jutting out, her claws dripping of blood. She licked her fingers as she sliced at him again, then grabbed the now severed hand.

"Okay the one time I could have really used a vision, would have been nice to have seen that ahead of time."

Our heroine stomped up the porch stairs, a large book tucked under one arm, and a picnic basket in hand. She was swearing and mumbling something as she dumped everything on the kitchen table. Ash looked at her with a raised eyebrow, as all the werewolves came into the room sniffing.

"I smell blood." Reuben said reaching for the basket. Our heroine slapped his hand with her claws then pointed at him. "Okay not dinner then?"
The Seer stumbled onto the porch a few minutes later, a mess of blood everywhere, holding his empty wrist. Rolf flicked his long dark hair out of his face, letting out a grunt of disapproval as he glared at our heroine.

"What did you do to deserve that?" he asked not looking at the Seer.

"He cast a love spell. On Harker." She started flipping through the book, grabbing the severed hand from the basket shaking it in the direction of the Seer.

"Oh that's not good. We can't grow our limbs back." Reuben commented as he rested his face on her shoulder.

"There is a spell to fix this." the Seer said from the far side of the room as he shuffled towards the nearest chair.  

Dagan stood in the doorway of the cabin, his eyes wide, his hair falling into his face as he stared in shock. He pointed at her, then rested his hand against his leg, squinting as he tilted his head, then looked down at his shoe, his jaw squared as he opened his mouth to say something but didn't, instead just let out a deep breath, his eyes now bright as he smirked at her nodding, before walking back out of the cabin to tend to the outside oven.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story again today. The Seer is lucky his hand is the only part she chopped off.)

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