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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 21

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 51, chapter 51

A howl pierced the air, causing Dagan to shake his head in a single twitch, closing his eyes, licking his lips. Turning towards the doorway, he ran at a blur in the direction of the Seer.  The tall male found himself out of breath as he came to a lingering stop, hands on his knees in the middle of the gardens.
Sniffing deeply, he followed the other werewolf's scent into the area of the grounds that had a large maze. Dagan remembered when they were kids, running through the maze, Harker always managed to find his way to the center before him.
This time, it was a breeze as he let his animal side guide him within seconds.  He found the Seer, Harker and Bryon gathered on the north side of the maze.  His brother had his crossbow loaded, pointed at Bryon, who was standing with his hands in the air, his face covered in blood, his hair a tangled mess and his clothes stained with fresh mud.

"She's in there." Bryon said gesturing towards the heart of the maze. "He doesn't know." the shorter man commented, his face reflecting something devious as he turned his eyes to gaze up at Dagan sideways.

"Why should we trust you?" Harker asked.

Bryon grinned, a strange giggle deep in his throat. He shrugged. "Up to you. But I kept her out of the oven." his grin made his face look unnatural in the darkness.

"Again, why should we trust you?" Harker continued, his arm straight with the weight of the crossbow.

"I'm done." he shrugged. "Bored being the sidekick. Who cares. I'm tired of seeing him get everything and me get nothing. I work in the dirt for him, I've gotten parts for him, girls for him, and in return, nothing! He takes all the credit."

"Still?" Harker shrugged himself, before letting the crossbow fire, hitting Bryon in the shoulder. "What, did you think we were going to just let you go?" Harker turned to his brother nodding. "Let's see if we can remember this thing."  They entered the heart of the maze, the Seer following Harker and Dagan.

"This is useless!" Dagan screamed in frustration. "I can't get her scent. It's like she doesn't have one anymore."  He stopped dead in his tracks, turning around causing the other two to smack into each other. "Can you create some sort of tracking spell? Oh great living ouija board?"

" not without something of her's to begin with."

"Hang on." Harker reached into the pocket of his trenchcoat. "This do? I found it in the hallway after you tore her heart from her."  he held up the mermaid scale necklace. "It must have fallen know."  

The Seer took it from him and took a few steps back. With a deep breath he held the necklace in his hand, and blew on it forming a bubble around it, then closing his eyes, he chanted something under his breath both hands on either side of the bubble. It began to glow red, then divided into two separate orbs. The orb on the right did nothing but glow, while the orb on the left zipped off ahead of them in a blur. "Follow that one." the Seer said running now after the orb.

"And the other one?" Dagan asked.

"Will either sit there till we get back or fade away. It's the imprint of whoever made the necklace."

"Reuben did."

"Nice job, does he sell those?" Harker asked.

"No, it was a one time deal. To impress our little fanged friend." Dagan smiled, trying to lighten the mood. The three men stopped when the orb did. It seemed to hover over a large patch of ground. "Oh god." Dagan ran his hands through his hair, his eyes wide.

The orb had stopped in the middle of the rose garden.

Dagan started to stomp wildly on the ground, kicking at the dirt, at the rose bushes, till he found the freshly dug area. He fell to his knees digging, his claws moving at a speed only the other werewolf could follow. Dirt flew everywhere as he mumbled to himself, his eyes having changed to the amber-grey of the wolf, his hair falling into his face. "I'm going to get you out of here and when I do that's it. No more Mr. Nice Puppy."

He was about four feet down when he stopped having seen a flash of what looked like a sheet. Snarling, he batted the dirt away from her body, pulling her out of the ground. Dagan sat on his butt, his left leg out straight over her in a scissor position, his tongue sticking out panting as if he were in wolf form.  He waited for the scream but it never came.

"Come on, I know you're still in there."  he shook her. The Seer and Harker exchanged a look both wondering if they were indeed too late? Dagan lowered his head, his eyes staring up towards them, his jaw squared. "Come on!"

"I think we're too late this time. There isn't anything we can do." Harker said reaching out to his brother. Dagan shrugged his hand away, rocking back and forth holding our heroine.

"Unexceptable! That means he wins and we loose, and I can't let him win!" he grabbed her face between his hand, leaving indents on her pale flesh. He kicked then at his brother as he once again tried to convince him that our heroine was dead.

The Seer bent down beside them, pointing to a large series of gashes at her throat and wrists. "He drained her. We need to get blood into her." he bit down on his wrist, ripping it open about to press it to her mouth, but Dagan growled snapping his fangs at him. "Or you know maybe it would be a good idea for you to start the process. Given your sire bond with her." the Seer smiled meekly as he nodded.  (and ready now for the flashback links.)

"Run back to my bedroom get her bag. There were samples in it that Rolf made us give." he mumbled. "BRING IT to me."  Dagan said out loud as he ripped a chunk out of his wrist, pressing it against her mouth. The Seer nodded saying he'd go given his werewolf speed. Lifting our heroine's arm to his mouth, Dagan bit into the underside of her elbow hoping there was enough of her blood left to re-establish the connection. "You know, whole wanting to take over the world thing aside, that walking tarot card isn't a bad guy. He's good PEEPLES."    His ears twitched, forcing him to bend over, his ear pressed against her lips. He laughed. "Did you hear that? No I guess you wouldn't given you're not a..." his features lit up with a grin that showed off his dimples. "A breathless scream." The Seer returned seconds later with the bag, already hunting through it for the blood bottles. Removing the cap, he handed one to Dagan.  "Reuben's good choice. Good vintage."

Harker shivered as our heroine opened her eyes exposing the pure white of the Banshee. She reached both hands up grabbing first at the little bottle, then for Dagan's arm biting down hard. Blood ran over his palm, through his fingers like spilled milk till he finally had to pull his arm away from her. She leaned against his shoulder still trying to bite into him.

"Welcome back. I'd say you have no idea how happy I am to have you alive again, but..." he untangled his leg from her's, pushed himself a few feet away from her, just out of reach of her fangs as he held his wrist. "...well you get my point."

"Okay..." she cleared her throat twice closing her eyes. her hand at her neck as the scars started to heal. "...this time, not your fault but really, this whole gothic Romeo and Juliet thing is getting old." she patted her neck then her chest.  "And why do I keep waking up naked in this place?" she said tugging the sheet she'd been buried with around her.

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