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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 29

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 59, chapter 59

The Seer shrugged, chewing on his bottom lip.  "It means..." Rolf continued with a grin. "Dagan can't hide behind the excuse anymore of the sire bond for his behavour. It also means, that if they are apart from each other, like say if we do get her back where she belongs, he won't go mental."

"So this is a good thing?" the Seer said bringing his hands up to rest his chin on them.

"Mostly." Rolf replied scratching at his forehead, smoothing out the ridge of worry that seemed to be a near permanent fixture between his eyebrows. "I had a dream of her while you were gone. She was a ghost or something big hole in her chest." he gestured to his own chest then. "Said Dagan did it."

"Uh yeah. That's what led to the whole draining of blood thing. Basically." the Seer raised both arms out to his sides, tilting his head forward, taking a half step towards the other werewolf. "She slept with his uncle. Who, by the way, could have passed for Dagan."

Rolf raised an eyebrow staring at him through a mass of hair. He started laughing then, a deep rich sound as he brought both hands up to his face, letting out another short roar, as he then spun around in a circle, just giddy.  "Is there anyway you can induce a vision? We need to know what to do with them?"

The Seer frowned as he started to run his hands down his shirt, smoothing it out. "I'll need to feed the sidhe side first."


Dagan was rummaging through what was left of the old witch's kitchen. "There's nothing left but some herbs, and bottled water." he complained.

"I cleaned this place out the day we met her." Reuben commented from the floor where he was sitting, a large book on his lap. "You could always go hunting, or there is a chicken coop out back, if you want eggs or chicken."

Dagan scrunched up his nose. "I'm not leaving this house. Not till after sunrise." he replied, hanging off of a cupboard door, his face squished against the handle. "Where is she anyways?" he stepped over a fallen chair as he walked through the cabin, peaking in the guest room and bathroom before heading to the bedroom he'd found our heroine in earlier. She was asleep. Finn was nowhere to be seen. Quietly, he stepped into the room, closing the door.
He stood there for a moment, the glow of the moon pouring through the window, casting shadows and dusty light across the bed, spilling onto the floor. Closing his eyes, he felt his fangs as he began to flex and unflex his claw, a low growl emerging from his throat. Cracking his neck, the male threw himself back a step against the door, his back flat as he slid down it. He started to transform suddenly, unable to control it.
Our heroine woke up to the sounds of bones snapping, shifting, the wet gurgles of his human voice becoming a howl. She had covered her eyes, trying not to see, to listen. Trying to pretend it wasn't happening. The auburn wolf then jumped onto the bed, growling at her, his ears flat his fur bristled. Shaking himself as if throwing off water, the wolf whimpered jumping back down from the bed, and hurried into the closet.
Nosferatu got up, padding towards the tiny side room, only to have the auburn wolf snarl and snap at her causing her to jump back, away from the closet door.  Dagan stayed there until the moon shifted position in the sky, and was no longer visible through the window.
Cautiously, the wolf moved back into the main part of the room, sniffing everything. When he felt it was indeed safe, he transformed back to his human form. Our heroine tried not to show too much fear, to not shake too much as she cleared her throat from the far side of the room.

Finn was at the door then, a basket of eggs in hand. "You alright? Why is he naked?"

Our heroine threw her hands up in defeat. "He seems to be allergic to pants." she crossed the room, squeezing past Finn in the doorway. The magic mist circled Dagan, leaving him once again fully clothed. The two men just stared at each other, daring the other to move first.
The werewolf grinned raising his eyebrows in a single movement, as he started to leave the room, scratching at his jaw. 
He sat on the floor beside Reuben, determined not to let Finn get the better of him. Looking over his friend's shoulder, Dagan tried to read the book Reuben was flipping through. It seemed to be the old witch's spell book, half of which she'd written in another language.

"Hey, hey!" Dagan jumped back up running after the female as she slipped out the front door. "Where the hell do you think you're going?" he demanded grabbing her by the elbow spinning her back around to face him.

"Anywhere you guys aren't. This whole full moon mess, if I understand it right, means someone either has to die or shack up. I don't want to see any of you die. It's why I claimed Reuben to begin with. To keep the whole lot of you from killing each other." she rocked back on her heels, touching her palm to Dagan's shoulder, her fingertips grazing his collar bone.

"And now you've got a babysitter there with your feline friend. To keep you from shacking up with Reuben, or the Seer, or whomever." he pointed towards Finn, then poked her in the chest. His temper starting to show.
Licking her lips, Nosferatu laughed. Then she shoved Dagan, hard, not strong enough to actually move him away from her, but enough to have him rock his left shoulder a few centimeters. She shoved him again, this time advancing herself towards him, closing the gap between them.

"What's the matter, jealous?" her thumb tracing the edge of his bottom lip. "I didn't choose you. Despite the bond we've got between us, I choose your best friend. Didn't choose you back at the castle either. That must really have gotten under your skin?" her voice was a near whisper, causing the werewolf's ears to twitch. "The big wolf on campus, and you still came in second. The fact is, you're nothing Ripper but an illusion. Just a figment of a bad trip. Some dirty shrooms is how you made a name for yourself. All bark and no serious bite." she reached up licking the hollow of his neck, then his collar bone.

Dagan let out a roar as he snapped her neck, her limb body falling into his arms. Finn came running out of the cabin, a panic in his steps, Reuben right behind him.

"What the hell...?" Finn asked removing his tinted glasses so that his cat eyes were exposed, his left hand warming up to throw an orb.  Reuben stopped him, grabbing his arms pinning them behind him, as Dagan picked up the female carrying her back inside.

"Okay that's it, first rule, it's blood-lite for you from now on. This chick seriously needs to go on a diet." he huffed as he managed to place her on the sofa. "You're still here?" he replied over his shoulder not bothering to look at Finn.

"Why did you do that?" the familiar asked.

"She asked me to." Dagan replied as he  raised his arm towards Finn, making  a bouncing movement. "Relax, this will be over in a minute with little pain."

Reuben snickered unable to hold back a fit of laughter. "You practiced that speech in case you needed to do things the hard way didn't you?" 


Rolf cracked his neck about to head back out to hunt for the female, when he felt it. A ripple of energy that seemed to flow through him. "Well, I guess either Reuben or Dagan shacked up with her. We've got an alpha again."  the smile softened his features as he rotated his shoulders, relaxing.

Ash yawned stretching, semi-glad the situation was over. He had given up his active role as alpha years before, knowing Dagan was better suited for it. "So who do you think finally got to her?"

Rolf shrugged, his hair falling onto his shoulders. "Better track them down and find out. But..." he grinned like a little kid with a secret. "I would think Dagan would have done anything to keep his alpha position."  Ash agreed, a devilish look in his own eyes.  "What?" Rolf asked as he whistled for the King, who was still wandering around in wolf form near the back of the garden.  Ash shook his head, smiling to himself as he stood there, his arms crossed over his chest.

"She had commented about how we were a family. She just knew you know, that's what I'm wanting." the older werewolf sighed, scratching at the back of his neck. "And when I asked her what it was she wanted, she said to be loved. I hate to think she lost that chance by helping one of them."

Rolf stared at nothing as he half listened to his friend. "Where's the Seer?"


Opening her eyes, our heroine clutched at her stomach as the loudest scream burst from her lips. Doubled over the edge of the sofa, she vomited up what looked like water.

The Seer lay on the edge of the beach, his energy being drained from him by the large blob that seemed to engulf him. The old sea witch raised her hand again, controlling the jellyfish like substance.


Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (yes, another straight up story. Don't worry, season 3 isn't that far away...)

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