Friday, March 3, 2017

Coffee Talk March 3rd 2017

Spudguns!  How's it today?  Got a few things I wanted to run in and talk on.

#1- This would be your official announcement for Night Bleeds April - We are doing the combo of the 1985 book The Vampire Lestat and the 2002 movie version Queen of the Damned.  The deadline for that is the last Sunday of April which is April 30th 2017.
So the rules are simple, - you must have a blog to take part, read the book and watch the movie, blog about what you thought and if it inspires you to bake/cook/craft anything, add that to your blog post. And link to either this post or the day of post on here or even the Night Bleeds page.

#2- As I pointed out the other month, I'd like some input from you guys. I'm still hoping to get some movie recommendations from everyone. I've started doing a few youtube related projects, and am interested in whether you my lovely Spudguns!, would be care to have videos on here?

Okay, that's about it for the moment...I'm going to go to the kitchen make a coffee and maybe dance stupidly to the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack... oh like you never have....

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