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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p5

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 305, chapter 305

Out of Time...

"Why is he naked again?" Edric asked as he walked into the kitchen, the large tray of take-away coffees and box of donuts in hand.

"Again?" Ruthven questioned nodding towards Arthur. "Try still." he replied reaching for one of the coffees. "He insists that's the way you lycanthropes are meant to be. All naked all the time."

"Well, if you want to do that, go to the basement or something. Better yet, go to your shed. I had enough naked wolftime when I first met Dagan." he shivered. "Pants!"

"You realize you sound just like her right?" Vlad said from the top of the stairs at a volume only Edric and Arthur could hear.

"You make that sound like it's a bad thing?"

"Who are you talking to?" Ruthven asked leaning a shoulder closer to the dark haired hybrid. Edric just hooked his thumb over his shoulder towards Vlad as he entered the room. "Okay for the record, could you guys not do that cause it's freaking me out."

"Yeah whatever." Edric mumbled into his coffee.

"Is the book safe?" Seward asked as he bounced into the kitchen grabbing two of the sugared donuts.

"Which one?" Edric asked opening and closing a drawer with his hip.

"The leather one." Seward snorted back a giggle.

"I hate you right now. Yes, the black one is with Quentin, and the brown one..."

"I thought it was green?" Vlad said from his spot in the doorway of the kitchen, his arms crossed.

"It's brown." Edric replied not looking at him.

"I distinctly remember it being green." the older banshee said holding up his left hand. "Nosferatu carried that thing everywhere with her for over a year when we were together."

"Well, your eyes are colour blind bud, because it's brown." the sandy-blonde hybrid retorted as he now turned his torso towards the ex-husband.

"Guys! I hate to break up this little Angel -Spike moment, but can we get on with it? Really? What does it matter what colour the leather on that old thing was? It's not here, it's safe if you did what you were suppose to." Seward blurted out. The normally hyperactiveness of the youngest member of the group was gone. Leaving in it's place a tone that let everyone know it was time to be more than serious. Ruthven raised an eyebrow at his younger cousin half expecting him to start fumbling in his pockets for his glasses, just the same way their grandfather used to; whenever he was angry. "Did you do what Vlad suggested?"

"Yes. I took The Seer's spellbook out to..."  Seward covered Edric's mouth with his hand not letting him finish his sentence. The hybrid was tempted to bite him, but thought better of it given the situation with Arthur.

"Dude, don't say it out loud. We have no idea what kind of powers The Seer has anymore, or any kind of idea with this new threat. What we calling him?"

"Sorcerer. Edmund Gaerwn. The Seer's family can be traced back to him. I read all about it in Nosferatu's book." Vlad remarked, starting to fill them in on the history of The Seer and his doppelganger.

"So, this spellbook, the one The Seer had...the one we just did what we did with. It's only part of a bigger book?" Arthur asked as he left his seat on the floor of the living room, magick misting a pair of long pants that looked more like ballet tights than actual pants. He held his hands nearly two feet apart vertically, then added another foot, so that his one palm was under his nose and the other near his waist. "The one we just got rid of was like a stack of phone books to begin with. You're saying when you add it to the one Quentin has..."

"They are still only parts of it. There are at lest two if not more parts out there somewhere." Vlad added.

"Uh guys, who's that?" Ruthven asked peeking out the kitchen window. Everyone gathered around the little back window, the laced curtain pushed up to expose a man standing in the middle of the backyard. He had raggedly cut off shorts, a leather jacket and a plaid shirt tied around his waist, his hands in his pockets; in an overly casual way. His head tilted to the side allowing his curly hair to fall over one eye. Turning, he smiled towards the group.   A look passed between Edric, Vlad and Arthur. "What?" Ruthven asked getting nervous.

"He has no scent." Edric replied sniffing wildly at the window.

"Which means what?" panic had begun to pinch at Ruthven's throat.

"Either he's a ghost, or...a god." Vlad replied allowing his own voice to drop to a whisper.

"Please be a ghost." the dark haired human said wiping the back of his neck.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Dude, I've been writing this for nearly 5 years, and I'm so not going through the whole story to try to remember what colour I originally made The Seer's grandmother's book's a green-brown mix now)

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