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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p2

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 302, chapter 302

Out of Time...

Quentin shuffled around the small office, noticing the heavy scent of stale donuts and burnt coffee. The tow truck owner returned from the main area, a clipboard in hand. He was tall, heavy set, with a dark beard and covered in tattoos. The name on the little name tag read Zeddy.

"Help yourself to some coffee, donuts. They were fresh this morning." he gestured first to the little table near the window then towards the clock. "I need you to sign here, here and here." he held out the clipboard not actually indicating any of the spots that needed to be signed. "It will be about two weeks before I can get the parts in."

"I don't have two weeks. I need to be able to get to Saskatoon and then back..."

"Yeah, that's not going to happen before two weeks." Zeddy replied his attention on the little black and white television sitting behind him on the small table. My Gothic Kitchen was on. Quentin's phone buzzed causing him to jump. There was a text from Seward asking if he had any ideas for getting more blood bags, as both Arthur and Edric were showing signs of needing to feed. Quentin replied for them to rob a blood drive. "Right, as if." Zeddy commented under his breath towards the tv set. "Like Karmilla would ever allow herself to be made a member of  Barlow's harem. I mean, how stupid do these guys have to be? Not knowing that Barlow's holding her captive right under their noses? There are five of them..." he gestured towards the tv, a donut in hand. "Six if you count the goth dude." he stuffed the donut into his mouth, dripping crumbs everywhere.

"This today's episode?" Quentin asked moving closer to the tow truck owner.

"Yeah, taped it few hours ago. You hooked on it too? I mean, it's a soap opera and it does get really cheesy but, it beats those reality shows." Zeddy replied sullenly.

"Yeah, um...where is the bad guy holding her captive?" Quentin asked as he started dialing Seward's number again.

"Well technically, I guess it's hell." he pointed to the screen. "This one here, he knows how to find her. He found a map left for him in this old desk drawer. Only, he hasn't told anyone yet about it. Too busy being all broody or something." he shrugged. "That and he just killed a cop. So there's that side plot." he shrugged a second time. "And of course, there's the wizard character. He's been off the show for awhile, doing a movie or getting a nose job or whatever actors do on their time off. But he's back now, playing evil twins. The one twin is trying to kill the goth dude..." Zeddy said scratching at his beard. "The other twin, he's trying to bring his grandmother back from the dead. That's something only Karmilla knows. She figured it out awhile back, but hasn't had the chance to tell anyone. Honestly, I think it is one of the reasons she was kidnapped. This show is doing that all the time. Kidnapping the main chick."

"Huh." Quentin grunted as he moved to the other side of the small office. "Hey, Seward I need you to find a copy of My Gothic Kitchen. Today's episode. In fact, go back..." he turned to look at Zeddy. "When did this storyline start?"

"Uh, two days ago? Yeah, I remember because I was working the morning shift and was able to watch it while I was ironing. I like ironing, very relaxing." he reached for a cookie can on the side of the desk opening it. "Cupcake? Made them myself. Full of iron. Cause you know, you need that, otherwise you're dead tired, totally drained of energy." he grinned pointing to the tv screen again. "Just like a damned vampire."

"I think you should catch up with the episodes from this whole week..." Quentin shook his head declining the food. "The Seer used to write for it right? Well, I think he's trying to send a message. Well he's not called The Seer for nothing now is he?"

"...and what about the astral projection huh?" Zeddy said getting up to get himself a cup of coffee. "Everyone totally forgot that Karmilla had astral projected that one time way back in the beginning of the series. Though that was more a by product of her dying that one time. But still; with her technically being in hell, wouldn't she technically be dead therefore being able to astral project or something?" he sat back down causing the chair to creek as he did.  "It's an old underground bunker." Zeddy said over his shoulder towards Quentin. "Where Barlow has her."

"Yeah I'm still here. No I'm pretty sure...okay fine deal with the iv bags first but...there are four of you figure it out delegate the maps and the blood...I'm renting a car I'll be back by morning."

Technically in Hell...

Our heroine paced back and forth, the silver bars of the cage burning her whenever she got too close. Bacchus appeared in the doorway of the room, dressed like he'd just been at a rock concert. As the main act. His pants were black leather, his shirt reminding our heroine of something from every heavy metal video she'd seen growing up, but that was nothing compared to the pounds of silver jewellery that dripped from his ears, neck and hands.

"Here put this on." he said snapping his fingers. A long black trenchcoat materialized in the cage beside her. It was fitted to her shape, obviously tailor made for her.

"So it's come to this has it? Once again, you're treating me like some pet."

"Oh you knew the score." Bacchus said crossing the length of the room, still with the Australian accent. "Loki had first use of you but he screwed it up by letting you remove your soul. Now you're mine." he raised his hands out to his sides tilting back. "For all eternity."

"You said after I defeated The Seer. After I learned a few more spells. So why now? What changed?"  the female banshee asked as she buttoned up the coat.  The sandy haired god roamed around the half empty room, practically dancing in front of the cage.

"You changed." he said simply.

"Everybody changes. It's called life, evolution."

Bacchus brought his left hand up to his mouth his blue eyes becoming cold slits as he glared at her. "You weren't suppose to. You are an immortal creature. Unfeeling, ruthless, brutal."

"Nobody is unfeeling." she replied getting as close to the bars as she dared. "Not even you gods. Cause if you were, you wouldn't be so damned eager to win. Something spooked you. Come on, be honest, tell me. The witch doctor is in, I'm a captive audience." she snarled her hazel eyes flashing to the pure white of the banshee. "What really broke you down? Huh? What really made you speed up your timeline? Revenge?"

"Sacrifice." he nearly spat the word. "Your sacrifice." he slammed his open palm against the cage rattling it. Our heroine gasped as she processed what he meant. "You know, I couldn't understand why at first. You jumping so quickly into that spell. Removing your soul, and half your powers. Then when you didn't even blink at the thought of breaking the sire bond...well." he shrugged throwing his head back eyes closed. "You were greedy and selfish with Dagan, The Seer even. But with Edric...I didn't see that coming. I fully expected it would have been those half breed furballs you mothered to be what ruined you for Loki. But even that didn't register." he tapped his hand to his chest. "In the end, your fledgling was your downfall." he turned walking towards the door. "Get comfy. It's going to be awhile before you're suitable to lead my girls. Until then, I think I'll keep you out of gen-pop. For your own safety. Half my warriors you killed to begin with."  Bacchus left our heroine alone closing the door behind him.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story.  What do you think, do we keep Zeddy?)

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