Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 239

movie: Ready to Rumble
starring: David Arquette, Oliver Platt
genre: Comedy, Sports
year: 2000
format: TV EDIT

plot: After witnessing the fall of their wrestling hero, two dreamers decide they need to help him get back on this feet to win the title belt back

So much to say, so little will make sense.

1) the film that killed the career for Arquette but launched the career of Caan
2)If you're not in it, you're out of it
3) Ray Mysterio without his traditional mask for 45 seconds of a scene
4) Chris Kanyon in the front row of the last scene in an Insane Clown Posse tee 

If any of what I just listed makes sense, then you've seen this film before too.
I remember seeing this originally at the cinema when it first came out, and for some odd reason thought that it was a movie done in the late 90's... but that's got nothing really to do with this post other then to point out how forgettable most of it really is.

The story is weak, predictable on so many levels, and really dates itself.  I was laughing as I re-watched this mostly for the nostalgia of it.  I think that is the charm of a film like this, it's a time capsule film. Now, this film is charming, and made me think of some of my favourite WCW wrestlers, but at the time it came out, it took itself a bit too seriously. 
However, Ready to Rumble was ahead of it's time, as it's the movie that really found a way to promote the wrestlers in movies angle.   But putting the belt on David Arquette in WCW for *real* to help boost the connection in promotion was the worst idea creative ever had.  Ever.

what do i think I learned from this film?
Even your heroes are human, and don't be afraid to live your dreams.

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