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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p30

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 89, chapter 89


Grandmother's house was a perfect opposite of what our heroine had expected. After all the time she had spent with the werewolves, in the cabins, the Fort and the castle, she was expecting something else right out of the middle ages. But this, this was a bit more modern.
If you were smack in the middle of a Jane Austen novel. The house was a two story country cottage, full on with gardened gate and a sign that gave the name of the cottage. 'Flowerpot Grove'. It was definitely a reflection of the grandmother. The garden spread for thirty feet, a small stoned walkway and tiny white fence.

"Be sure to say away from the outer corners, that's where my rose bushes are." she said to our heroine as they walked the stone path, grandmother turning in one perfect circle as she did, her hands out to gesture at either side.

"She's not going to trample your roses grandmother." the Seer said mindlessly, rolling his eyes.

"Parish the thought. But she is a vampire after all. I don't want her spontaneously burning up because she touched them."

The Seer stopped dead in his tracks, turning to look at the red roses in the right corner of the garden, his hands in his pockets. "Oh crap, right." They continued on into the house, the smell of fresh baking and lemon-aid filling the place. Grandmother took the leather bag the Seer had been carrying, placing it on the kitchen table.

"My goodness, this is heavy."

"Should be, it's your book. Weights a ton." the Seer commented as he went straight to the plate of pastries grabbing himself one.  Grandmother opened the bag getting the spell book.

"Oh my darling. It's really been added to." she said flipping through it. "Why, you're missing pages." she said delicately pointing to a section that had indeed been ripped out.  The Seer jumped up from the chair he'd just sat in and ran over to her, his food forgotten.

"What! That's impossible. The book was fine..." he closed his eyes then, making a noise of pure frustration.  "Leo!" both the Seer and our heroine said in unison.

"He's been obsessed with the book for days now. Claims it can't possibly be rightfully yours. Thinks you stole it." our heroine added.

"I admit, when I was..." he cleared his throat a slight blush hitting his face. "Before the werewolf thing happened, I would take whatever spell books others had, but this is truly our family's."


Reuben was perched on the back of a chair, his feet planted firmly on the seat, eating popcorn, as he watched Dagan. The other werewolf was sitting on the bed, door open, making his dream catchers again. The empty half of the bed were littered with about ten of them just in the last twenty minutes.

"Think he's going to go crazy again?" Reuben asked. Rolf shrugged, handing his friend a plate of food. Reuben stared at it, sniffed it gingerly, then held it up to the light. "Dude, what is it?"


"Yeah, but I can't identify anything on the plate."

"It's got potatoes, turnip, carrots, all fried together." Rolf said pointing a fork at it.

"It's burnt is what it is. Smell that. Tell me that you don't feel your nostrils bursting to flames from the burnt chardness coming off it."  Reuben put the plate down on the table waiting to see if Rolf was going to eat his. The larger male took a big forkful, and began to chew. Making a face he tossed his fork onto the plate and pushed it away. "You upset she's gone too I see, cause you can cook and that my friend is not cooked, it's cremated."

"I just can't understand why she would leave when we've got such a big problem with the timber wolves? Why would she leave us to deal with the whole thing alone?"

Reuben let out a deep breath, his cheeks puffing out as he did. "She wanted to get the Seer someplace safe. With everyone mystical out to slaughter him." Reuben commented as he stuffed another handful of popcorn into his mouth. Standing up, he grabbed a fry pan. "Eggs?"

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