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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p19

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 78, chapter 78

The leaves crunched under her feet as she otherwise, silently tried to sneak up behind the dark haired male. "I know it's you. I caught your scent five minutes ago."  Slouching her shoulders, our heroine shuffled towards the Seer in defeat.

"How am I suppose to become better at this whole vamp thing if everyone has the ability to sniff?" she sat down beside him on the tree stump.

"You don't." he didn't bother to look at her, just continued to swirl the contents of the cup in front of him, then added it to the pot he had bubbling on the outdoor stove.

"Potion?" the Seer nodded at the female his eyes closed as he chanted something, both hands over the pot as the steam rose in tendrils. "Do you miss that?" our heroine asked. "Your life before becoming a furball?"

"Does it matter?" he turned to her, unable to hold back a giggle. "It's worse then I thought." he said pointing to the two streaks of grey in her short spiked red hair. "I had a flash of you, Reuben and Dagan in front of a mirror discussing your little fashion statement there." the Seer smiled at her as he scooped up the contents of the pot with the now empty cup. "Drink it."  Nosferatu did as she was told, sipping from the pink coloured liquid. She felt like she'd drank a bottle of pop too quickly, her nose filled with foam fizz.  The Seer handed her a small mirror, a raised eyebrow telling her more then she needed to know.  The two small streaks were gone, but so was her red hair. It had all turned grey.  "I guess you being a banshee should have been taken into account." he shrugged.

"Can we turn it back?"

"This is just temporary anyways. Glamour spells always are."


Leo sat alone in the darkest part of the woods, the book in his lap, the talismans still hanging out of it like book marks. Raising his right hand, he chanted one of the spells. It took a few long seconds for the spell to work, but the small window opened the size of a grapefruit. He watched as the female cried of a broken heart, watched as she agreed to marry someone she wasn't fully in love with, watched as she mourned the death of her son, watched as she was bitten by a werewolf. Flicking his hand, Leo made the window to the past disappear.


Dagan and Reuben continued to talk to Nathaniel, the man in the mirror. So far, they had gotten a history lesson on the coven that had been connected to the Seer in his past life. There were it seemed, one female and her daughter that escaped the burnings. Nathaniel had managed to trace her linage to another member of Melinda's coven.

"But all this should be in the grimoire." Nathaniel said as he walked around his end of the mirror, the purple book in hand. "You can read it all for yourselves."

"Can't." Dagan said crossing his arms over his chest. "All the Seer's books were destroyed in the fire at the lighthouse. At lest, as far as we know they have. And that one that you're holding there, was one of them."

"What do you mean was one of them? How did he get a hold of it?"

Dagan shrugged. "He took more then just their powers when he killed them. Took their spell books, supplies, the usual." Dagan smiled as he turned to Reuben. "Sort of like us. Use everything you can from the hunt."

"Speaking of..." Reuben covered his stomach with his hand as an extremely loud noise emerged from it. "I think I need to hunt."

"Think I'll join you. Do you stick around or do you shut off if no one's around?" Dagan asked the mirror.

"Just toss a sheet over your end of the mirror. It blocks the connection till you need me again."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me. (straight up story. Running out of year need to complete the thing)

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