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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p25

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 84, chapter 84

Our heroine pulled the shawl tight around her shoulders as she headed into the woods. The leather bag smacking her hip with every move. She stopped suddenly, hearing the Seer once again in her mind. She had no choice but to follow the telepathic call.

The Seer was in the graveyard when she stumbled on him. He was stretched out on a large grave, leaning on one elbow, the grey pajama bottoms surprisingly spotless even though there was mud and dirt everywhere. Looking over at her, the Seer smiled wide. "Great, you heard me." he reached out his right hand to her beckoning for her to join him. Dropping her bag, she shuffled to where he was, pulling the woolen shawl even tighter around her shoulders. "What? Are you cold?"  She nodded at the werewolf. "Hm?" the Seer raised an eyebrow at her. "Best thing about being a werewolf, we're so hot. And we are always warm." he smiled at her.

"I'm really not in the mood right now for any kind of goofiness. Did you need something? And aren't you suppose to be all hiding in wolf form in the house?" she asked sitting beside him.

"I am, I was and decided just not going to anymore. I am a grown man, can take very good care of myself. As long as there are no silver objects being tossed at me." he said running the back of his hand gently across her jaw. "Okay, seriously, what's got you looking so..." he made tiny circles with his hand.

"What's it going to take for you to open that portal for me?"

The dark haired male sighed. "Alright." he reached for her, pulling her down to lay beside him on the tomb. "We can do the ritual tonight, I mean, we've got plenty of werewolf blood now, and all we really need is to make you scream at a high enough pitch." he sounded suddenly like a disapproving teacher.

"I still think you should come with me. I think it would be safer for you." she replied, propping herself up on her elbow.  The Seer leaned over her, sniffing her ear, her hair, her jaw.

"You're hiding something. Spill it."

"I found something. And when I researched it, well you're not going to like what I have to tell you." she got back up from the tomb picking up her bag.  The talisman spun with the movement when she retrieved it.

"Huh, what are you doing with my grandmother's talisman?" he raised an eyebrow, flicking the center of it with his finger, causing it to twist even more between them. "And where did you find it?"

"Leo had it tucked away in your grandmother's spell book like a bookmark." she held up her hand touching her pale fingers to the Seer's perfect lips to keep him silent. His blue eyes sparkled as a mischievous smile crept into them. "He had gone to the lighthouse for whatever reason, and found them in what was left of your stuff after the fire. He didn't see me take the talisman, but he refused to believe the spell book was honestly yours. He's got some secret attachment to it. But that's not what you're going to hate. I found out this is actually an old family crest, it would seem of some branch of your family. And the worst part is...you gave it to me. Or lest someone about five hundred years ago who looked like you and might actually have been you in a past life, gave it to someone who looked like me in a past life or you know what I mean. As a wedding present." she was starting to shake with nerves suddenly.  A laugh escaped the Seer.

"Why would I hate that?" he stretched back out, one knee bent, hands behind his head the mischievous smile never leaving his face.

"Cause it means that you and I were married. Or a version of us was. Or family members were. Or something." she said shaking the talisman in his face before dropping it onto his chest. "Why are you so calm about that news? Shouldn't you be freaking out? Denying it or something?"   The male said nothing, just tapped his temple twice then winked at her. "Oh you bastard. You already knew about this didn't you?"

"Yeah. Had a vision of this very scene. Us here, this talisman. There was one little difference."

"What was that?"

He pointed to the sky, his blue eyes darting around before closing them. "That." he remarked as a thunder clapped and a sudden downpour hit them in a cold shock. The Seer jumped off the grave and opened the door of the nearest vault. "In here, could be awhile." he watched as the female grabbed both the talisman and her bag, following him into the darkness of the tomb.
Shaking out his hair, the Seer chanted the light spell, his left hand glowing suddenly in the darkness. 


"What you got there?" Dagan asked Leo as he found the older werewolf sitting by the firepit, the spell book by his feet. Sitting down beside him, he reached for the large volume. "Hey, I've seen this before. It's the Seer's." he carefully turned the pages as he examined the book. "Yeah, this is the spell book he first used to get the female's attention, back at the Fort."  Leo leaned over snatching it back from him growling. Turning slightly, Dagan looked at the older male, raising an eyebrow. "Not in the mood for sharing I see."

"It's not for you." Leo got up from the tree stump he'd been sitting on and wandered to the back of the yard behind the cabin.  Dagan stretched out his long legs, leaned back in his seat hands linked behind his head then, just about to take a nap when the sky suddenly opened up and a mad downpour began to drown him.
Swearing, the werewolf jumped up and ran into Ash's cabin just as Leo did the same. Within seconds, they heard the howl off in the not too far distance, just before the smell of wet dog invaded the air, burning their noses. Dagan turned and opened the door just as the large onyx coloured wolf ran in.  Rolf shook himself dry, heading towards the fireplace, giving a snort before plopping down in front of it to dry out.  Reuben was less then a moment behind him, in human form but covered in what looked like bee stings.

"And what did you do this time?" Dagan asked.  Reuben shrugged glaring at him, as he ran his hand angrily over his beard, before knocking his shoulder into Dagan as he past him heading too to the fireplace.  Tilting the upper half of his body, Dagan half turned towards his friend, his eyes wide. "What was that all about? All I did was ask how you got covered in the bee stings."

"I was out in the woods." Reuben replied as he smoothed his long hair into one of his ponytails. "I got stung. No big deal."

Dagan turned to look at Ash, but all Ash did was throw his hands up, shaking his head. "You're on your own for this one."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (straight up story.)

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