Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Coffee Talk Nov 19th 2013

Two weeks away from the 2 year anniversary of this blog.  Already. Doesn't seem like I've had this one up and running that long, but it has been.

It's a cold bitter Tuesday morning where I am. Almost too cold here for snow, which makes coffee a wonderful thing.  Okay, just thought I would run in and write something cause it's been a few days.
The last few pieces of The Nosferatu Adventures is coming up, I had hoped to have it done - the story- by the 3rd of December; as that will be the blog 2 year mark.  My hope was to finish "year 2" and get "year 3" up on that day.  

I know the story started off as a creative way to recap the movies I've been watching randomly this year, but things grow on their own.  It was meant to be a six part thing spread out over the course of the year. Now it's -it's own thing. 

Some of the vampire themed movie crafting projects I was/am working on, I hope to have finished soon. As well as some scrapbooking movie themed pages. Cause this blog needs some more "what this movie inspired me to do" posts.

And movies.  It needs movies.

till later...stay fresh.

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