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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p4

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 106, chapter 106

Our heroine and Reuben ran into the apartment, Tombstone trailing behind them. The female shoved Dagan hard. "You screwed up again!" she shoved him a second time. "Biting the vet?"
Dagan stood there, a look of shock on his face.

"There is no vet. I took care of it." Rolf responded from the kitchen where he was standing, a dish in hand. "When I picked him up from the pound, I saw him bite the vet and I finished the job. No vet, no new lycan, no getting caught." he said raising his hand to the female trying to calm her down. Rolf shook his head, a mass of curls going everywhere. "I'm going to go get some air, maybe take the puppy for another walk, see if I can find a park or something. Reuben, you with me?"

"Yeah, sounds like a plan." he replied as he backed out of the apartment slowly. Rolf was right behind him.

"You two need to straighten some stuff out." he whistled for Tombstone to follow him as our heroine closed the door behind them.  She then crossed to the bookshelf getting a hardcover book from it. It was frayed and falling apart, the title long since rubbed off by wear. Opening it, she handed it to the werewolf.

"What am I looking at?" he asked balancing it on one flat palm, the other hovering over the page.

"It's a local history." she pointed to the middle of the page. "Didn't Jance say something about two guys at the Fort?"  Dagan's eyes darted around as he tried to remember.

"Yeah. We only ever came in contact with the necromancer, not the death match guy. Why?" The female pointed to a drawing few pages over, her fingertips brushing against Dagan's hand.

"According to this, there were two brothers who came over from Ireland back in the 1600's and settled around here." she pointed to the area on the old map that contained the kingdom they were in; trailing her finger past the next kingdom and to the middle of the map, to the kingdom they had come from. "One was said to have been a very powerful witch. They were banished to the darkest part of the forests and mountain area after the locals found them doing experiments." she moved her finger in a circle pointing to the area of the kingdom the pack usually lived.

"What kind of experiments?"

"The kind that would cause them to have to hide for a few hundred years." she reached over flipping a few more pages.

"I'm waiting for the punchline."

"According to this book, the two brothers came from a long line of male heirs. They both married, both had two sons each. Those sons grew up and married and both had two sons each..." the book snapped shut causing our heroine to jump as Dagan tossed it onto the counter.

"So you think these two guys this death match winner and necromancer are related to them somehow?"

"Ripper, not just that. I think your uncle Victor..."  His eyebrows raised as he stuck his neck out as if questioning her, as if daring her to continue her theory. "Fine. Don't believe me. But if nothing I think we both know there are no such things as coincidence."

The male snarled as he thought about what she was trying to tell him. Closing his eyes, Dagan leaned against the wall, pulling her to him tight. "I think the numbing agent finally wore off." he sniffed her cheek, her ear as he changed the topic.

"Well if the dent you're leaving in my hip is any indication..."

"You realize they took the puppy so we'd be totally alone right?" he started to sway against her.  Our heroine glared at him as someone knocked at the door. She went to answer it, finding a box sitting there.  Bringing it into the living room, she opened it.
Jumping onto the sofa she let out a yelp of fear as the contents of the box spilled out on the floor. Dagan was beside her in a heartbeat.

"It's just flowers." he said mildly annoyed.

"Roses! Red roses!" the vampire huffed as she climbed over the back of the sofa, moving farther into the hallway. The werewolf started to clean them up, noticing a card.

"A flower in bloom should always be reminded how sweet they are."  he started laughing "That is the cheesiest bit of crap I've ever heard." he was already walking out of the apartment and across the hall to Dolores's. Knocking on the door his right leg started twitching as he got impatient. After a few extremely long seconds, she finally opened the door. Dagan shoved them at her. "Someone from her work sent these to us...her and she's deathly allergic to roses. Want them?"

Dolores smiled as she grabbed for them. "Well, if she's allergic it would be a shame..."

"Cool." he was already back at their apartment with the door shut before her sentence was finished. He sniffed the card and the empty gift box but found nothing but the smell of the flowers to indicate who might have sent them. "Who the hell would waste good money on flowers for you?"

"Someone who's obviously not you. Door's that way." she sighed, her hands locked behind her neck. Dagan stared at her, his lips pressed together forming a hard line, scratching at his right shoulder. He leaned forward nodding more to himself then her, his eyes changing to the amber-grey of the wolf, as he advanced a few steps towards her. He then stood to his full height, both hands trailing across the walls as he continued to slowly move to where she was.

He held his hand up mumbling "Five minutes."

"I want to hate you so much. I should hate you with every fiber of my being." her tone was completely deflated.

"But you can't." he breathed, the heat of his breath rolling over her skin, sending a shiver of desire through her, forcing her to look away from him. She said nothing as he grinned down at her, then bit his bottom lip his fangs jutting out, two days worth of beard suddenly on his jaw. "This is primal." he took another step forward, his body crashing into hers, causing her to back up into the bedroom. The second the werewolf crossed over the threshold of the room, he seemed to get control of himself, totally human again. "You can't hate me." he shrugged his right shoulder; his eyes wide, wiping at the corners of his mouth. "Just like I can't hate you. Can't seem to get you out of my mind. I've had way better looking females in my bed..." he tilted his head to the side as he rolled his eyes. "...and not one of them ever left me the drooling mess you have. And I've asked Loki, asked Bacchus to unbind us."  he shook his head. "But in the end, this is just..." he made a sound that was more than a growl, more than a moan but purely animalistic, the magic mist swirling around him, his shirt melting away.

"You've got four minutes left to make your point."

"At this point, I think I only need two."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. So does our little vampire have a secret admirer or is someone out to kill her?)

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