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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 111, chapter 111

The Seer stopped walking, turning towards the left, to stare out over the water. Ripples began to move across it, a large mass rising from the depths. A water nymph appeared, her hair plastered to her face and shoulders.

"Turn back sidhe. Your cause is useless."

"No I really don't think I will." he said titling his head closing his eyes.

The nymph's own eyes were like that of a  fish as she blinked, her mouth opening slightly to reveal sharp rows of tiny teeth. The werewolf saw gills on the sides of her neck as she breathed then. Holding out her hand, she exposed a sharp object. On closer inspection, he saw it was a werewolf fang.

"Your alpha is dead. Your pack destroyed. Your cause pointless."  she hissed the last part of the word pointless. The Seer smiled turning to look behind him as if searching for someone to compare notes with.

"Um...I just don't believe you." he shrugged. The nymph placed the fang into his hand.

"Bacchus told me to find this as proof. See for yourself with your own mind." her tone was like soft wind chimes.

"First off, why would Bacchus send you? And second, why would he pick a water nymph?" he held the fang tight in his left hand, waiting for some sort of vision, as there was no scent left on the fang from having been in the water. He sighed, about to toss it, when the vision dropped him to his knees. Blinded by the pain as it threatened to rip his skull apart he saw what she said to be true.

Dagan was indeed dead.

He had been tossed overboard by a male who reminded the Seer of an angel with large ram like horns. Ares. The god Ares had removed Dagan from the ship and for whatever reason, trashed his ass.
He saw as Dagan hit the freezing water, sinking farther down into the depths, being ripped to pieces by mermaids, their poison burning him from the inside out.  Explained why a water nymph was asked to find any remains.

The Seer roared as he got control of himself, saliva dripping from his lips, his eyes the amber-grey of the wolf.  "Why didn't I feel it? When he died? I should have felt the death of the pack's alpha. We all should have. The connection broken."

"Ares removed the bloodline. He killed your sire. Killed the tall one too." the nymph smiled again, her skin glittering like scales.
The Seer shook his head as he made it to his feet again. "Why would Bacchus have you deliver this message?"

"He's promised to make whoever found proof of the werewolf's death into one of his Bacchae. So I jumped at the chance. Searched the ocean floor for a full night looking."

"Why would he kill the pack?" there was just no making sense of what he was being told. He should have sensed the loss of the alpha, Ash and Leo would have as well. He cracked his neck, snarling. If it had happened last night, before he set out for his quest, himself and the others would have known. They would have felt the loss of the rest of the pack.

"They angered him. Kept the female hidden from him. Bacchus took her, severing the pact he had with Loki. Killed Loki's offspring." she hissed again on the last sentence, her eyes flicking.

"See, now I know that you're lying, because Loki wouldn't sit back and just let that happen." he pointed at her, his anger getting the better of him, as he wiped the back of his hand across his mouth.

"Believe what you must. But Ares didn't take too kindly to loosing his intended warrior to Bacchus and Loki. The female was supposed to have been just a bargaining chip. But Loki got greedy." she turned then and walked back into the water. "You have no reason to continue on your path young sidhe. Turn back while you still have your head."

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