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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 110, chapter 110

The Forest...

The Seer cleared his throat as he sat up, the hay sticking to his hair. Ducking his face, he ran his hands through the dark waves, sighing as he pulled his right hand away with the pieces of hay. Magic misting a pair of grey pajama bottoms and a t-shirt, he cleared his throat again twice, but there wasn't any response from his latest conquest. Tapping her shoulder he leaned over her to retrieve the leather bag that was propped up on the hay stack. "Oh, you're dead." straining an awkward breath through his teeth, the Seer burped as he stood.
For once he hadn't meant to kill his conquest. He had planned on feeding just enough to keep himself alive, but since becoming a werewolf, the Seer had been finding it harder and harder to do that. It was one of the few drawbacks to his new found lycanthropy. The fact his metabolism burned through energy at nearly triple the rate it used to when he was just half sidhe half human; meant he needed to feed more often on sexual energy. Thus, more dead bodies.

He exited the barn, stretching, his breath a grey cloud of vapors as it hit the night air. His ears twitched with the sound of someone off in the distance, the scent of  something invading his nose. The dark haired male didn't bother to investigate but continued on his way through the farm and back to the main path. It didn't take him more then a few minutes with his werewolf speed to cross the five miles to the edge of the latest village. The smell seemed to get worse the closer he got to the crossroads, reminding him of tar and leftover wilted lettuce.

Unfortunately there was more then a few road blocks waiting once he got there. "Uh man, I don't believe this." he whispered as he let his chin drop to rest on his chest, his left hand covering his eyes. The Seer found himself  knee deep in the middle of a goblin's camp. "That explains the smell." he let out a grunt that was more human then animal as he instantly went into overdrive with his best too charming to be real smile.

The goblins were almost as tall has him, which for goblins meant one thing, they were descendants of the Bilarch clan. Half goblin half human. Didn't change the fact they had green slimy skin, reptilian eyes, smelled like the sewers they normally lived in, and boney little fingers that carried a poisonous spike on their thumbs. The Seer dodged to the left when the one who must have been the leader leaped towards him, stabbing at the air.
Mucus seemed to drip from it's ears as it examined him. Most likely trying to decide if he was worth trying to kill for dinner.  The creature held out his hand palm up squinting at him.

"You want to disrupt my sleeping quarters it'll cost you. Five, Six, no Seven coins." he stabbed at the air again, pointing to the leather bag. "Unless you've got something you want to trade?"

The Seer made a dismissive gesture with his hand, then began to pat himself down expressing the fact he did not have any pockets. "Fresh out of stuff. Sorry."  he was doing his best not to growl. If the goblins thought for a second he was anything other then human, they would have attacked him. And unfortunately, their poison was deadly to sidhes.
He knew the stories about how a goblin traded land with a sidhe hundreds of years ago for a glamour spell that was used to hide his true form, in order to seduce and mate with a human he'd become obsessed with.  The spell had been handed down through the Bilarch family line for the last few generations, allowing every so often for a goblin to trick a human into bed.

There were at lest eight goblins standing before the Seer, which meant that at lest eight poor unfortunate souls had been tricked just in the last two decades. 

The goblin sniffed him, his tiny button nose working madly, moving like a bunny's. "You've got meat in your bag." he reached for the leather bag that was flung over the Seer's shoulder.

"No. You're smelling the bag. It's leather."

The goblin didn't believe him, his one eye wide while the other was squinted shut. "Ten coins." he held out his hand again.  Sighing, the Seer reached into the leather bag and found his coin purse, dumping out half.  He handed the coins to the goblin and continued to make his way north. "Thank you. While you're away from your home, I'm going to follow your scent and rape and eat your sister, your mother and maybe even your wife and grandmother." the goblin gave a cackle.
The Seer stopped dead in his tracks his fangs suddenly exposed, his eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf. Cracking his neck and rotating his shoulders, he forced himself to continue on past the vile creatures. The werewolf in him wanted to slaughter them all for the very thought of the comment, but the sidhe part of him knew one taste of their flesh or blood, one scratch of the goblin's nails or teeth and it would be a worse poison then even silver was to him.
He made it about a half mile away, then turned to face the way he'd come. Opening both hands, the Seer tilted his head back and chanted. A large purple bubble appeared between his palms, as lightening crashed.  With one push, he sent an energy orb back in the direction where the goblin camp was.

The screams filled the air causing his ears to twitch, as the smell of burnt flesh and rotting hair hung suddenly heavy in the air. 

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (straight up story. I know it's been a full week but we're back on the path)

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