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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p5

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 107, chapter 107

Reuben stopped just outside the apartment door, his nose twitching, the scent of hot copper and salt in the air. Rolf was still outside the building with Tombstone. The puppy had gotten the scent of something, running off after it, and he was trying to find him.
Carefully Reuben opened the door, his delicate nose assaulted by the smell, burning it. There was a stream of cooling blood coming from the hallway leading to the bedroom.

The neighbour Dolores's lifeless body lay in the middle of it, her stomach ripped to shreds, her throat torn to the point of near decapitation, the pooling blood under her a sticky mahogany colour. He took another step towards the bedroom, feeling something squashing under his foot. He didn't bother to look at what it had been, but assumed it had been the woman's eyeball.

The werewolf started to shift, his eyes turning to the amber-grey of the wolf, his bottom fangs jutting out exposed, nostrils flaring as he opened the bedroom door.
Dagan lay there on the bed, his left leg dangling over the edge at a strange angle, his left arm covered from the shoulder down in blood, bones exposed at his neck and ribs, one eye swollen. The bed sheets were drenched as tiny rivers of crimson seemed to flow towards the floor, like a bad tie-dye. Reuben wiped his mouth as a sick panic gripped him.
Another step closer revealed Dagan's chest looked as if something had chewed through the ribs.

"What happened?" his voice squeaked as he spotted our heroine curled up in the corner, covered in blood smears. "What the hell happened?" he screamed this time.

"I'm not sure." she was trembling as she started to get up, seeming to notice her hands were covered in blood. Our heroine began licking her palms, her wrists of the blood. Reuben grabbed her by the shoulder, dragging her to a standing position. "I was feeding off him like normal, but the second I got a taste of the werewolf blood, I couldn't stop. There was this burning in the pit of my stomach."

"You did this?" he shook her. "You cannibalized your own mate? Your own husband!" he stopped getting a good look at her face. Her eyes which normally would have been pure white of the banshee, were yellow with pupils of amber-grey, something more then wolf eyes, her normal double row of fangs were now a row of four, her skin which was naturally pale was nearly glowing white, and her hair had turned shockingly white, the grey streaks almost unnoticeable.

"What can I say, he's so damn dishy." she smirked.

"What's happening to you?" his voice was something between terror and disgust.

"This experiment Loki stuck inside me. I think it's infecting me. It doesn't doesn't want me to" she chuckled leaning towards him, sniffing his chest. "God you smell good."

The male's expression changed. "It's adapting. Making you more hospitable for it to grow. Making you a shapeshifter." he ran his hands over his face and beard then moved towards the bed, grabbing another blanket. "Get dressed." he started to wrap Dagan's body in the fresh blanket. "You're coming home with us."  Lifting the weight of his friend onto his shoulders, he heard Rolf at the front door of the building with Tombstone."Get your bag, Rolf has the dog, get dressed. NOW!" Reuben screamed as he watched the female start to shuffle on shaky legs. Rolf walked into the apartment just in time to have Reuben smash into him with Dagan's body, blood smearing on him. Our heroine grabbed the leather bag from the corner of the living room where she kept it, then started to head back towards the kitchen grabbing the old book they had been looking at earlier. "I told you to get dressed!" he screamed again.

Magic mist suddenly engulfed the female, leaving a pair of black yoga pants and t-shirt in it's wake. "No need." she rubbed her belly. "Fashion designer on board." She then straightened up, sniffing deeply. Her eyes were cold as she stared into the depth of Rolf's own. "By the way, you're little girlfriend there." she pointed to Dolores's mangled corpse. "If she hadn't been so eager to get into your pants she'd still be alive. She stopped by hoping to seduce you, right in the middle of snack time. I didn't have a choice." she licked her lips. Her features seemed to cloud then with a look of such emptiness, something beyond cruel.

The large werewolf stiffened as he stood to his full height, the magic mist swirling around him in a haze of disappearing clothes for a few seconds, his anger barely under check.
And that's when he knew. Our heroine's eyes were truly empty.

She'd lost her soul.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Thought it was getting a bit anemic, needed a transfusion. )

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