Monday, March 2, 2015

Coffee Talk March 2nd 2015

Well, that's blurry...Spudguns! how you doing?  This is a still from some stuff I was playing around with for a video project. Anyways, if you're reading my serial The Nosferatu Adventures, you will notice we've almost hit the 200 mark installment.

I kinda forgot February is a short month. I haven't really picked my theme week yet for March, but I'm thinking the Jane Austen selection this month will be Northanger Abbey. 

And that brings me to the March Food n Flix. It will be hosted by What's on the List?  and they picked The Quiet Man.  So I'll be back later in the next week or so with the recipe and my thoughts on the movie.

Righty-ho, righty-ho...till later

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