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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p2

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 202, chapter 202

Dagan wandered down the hall, trying to find where there might be something other then wine hanging around the vineyard. He'd searched every cupboard in every empty room, not finding anything. He finally gave in and took a bottle of merlot heading back to the south wing.  Our heroine was once again bent leaning over the spellbook,  a strange looking potion being made. The auburn haired male was about to sit down and open the bottle when the female told him to take a look at what she was doing.

"I don't wanna."

"Just come here." she huffed clearly annoyed with him. Sluggishly, he got up from his seat, inching his way across the ten feet. She gestured for him to lean in sniffing the container. "What does that smell like to you?"

"Lemons?" he sniffed. "Lemon smells like lem...." he coughed taking a step back as our heroine blew the powdered mixture into his face. Raising both hands, he tried wiping his eyes, but it was too late. "What...wha...wha?" he stumbled back again hitting the edge of the chair causing it to scrape on the floor as he fell into it.

"You'll be fine in a few hours. If I did it right." she cleared her throat. Crossing her arms under her boobs, she turned sharply on her heels advancing towards him.

"What did you just do?" he thought he screamed, but it came out more a hush.

"It's called drugs sweetheart." she leaned over him, one hand on either side of the chair blocking him in. "I tried this the old fashioned way and you weren't going for it, and I can't overpower you even in full banshee mode so..." she sighed as she watched the werewolf's eyes roll back in his head. "Damn it! I need you relaxed but awake not comatose." she crossed back to the spellbook reading the recipe again. "Oh shack. 1 teaspoon damiana leaves not 1 tablespoon." she tossed her head back in frustration clasping her hands behind her neck. "I should have just used the love spell but that called for fresh chicken feet."  Our heroine sighed slumping over the desk as she heard Dagan starting to snore then mumbling in his sleep. Grabbing up the spellbook and the merlot, she headed back to the bedroom.
Tombstone made a noise when he saw the bottle in her hand. "Don't judge me. I didn't want this kid to begin with." she whined sitting down next to the hellhound. "No one asked me if I wanted to do this, they just magickaly knocked me up. No one asked me if I wanted to be separated from my mate, they just went ahead and did it. No one asked me if I wanted to leave the other kingdom, they just magickaly barred me. No one asked me if I even wanted to be here. They just brought me, two years ago from my cozy little life. Okay so it was crappy. Single, friendless, struggling to find a place to belong a purpose. Great, have one. Hate it." she opened the bottle of wine slugging back the neck's worth. "And I really really miss the Seer." she sighed, drinking another large gulp. The spellbook slipped off the edge of the bed, falling to the floor open. Picking it up, our heroine saw the page it was now open to. It was a spell to create a portal. The one the Seer had used over a year before when they accidentally went back in time. "Huh, looks simple enough." she stood up putting the bottle on the dresser and began the spell.  Tombstone sensing trouble, began to growl and bark, before jumping down from the bed running through the rooms to where Dagan was passed out. He jumped up on the werewolf, licking his face trying to wake him, but the sleeping powder was too strong. Quickly the hellhound ran through the rooms again, knocking the book out of our heroine's hands, then continuing on through the estate barking. 
He found the man who looked like Dagan but wasn't and started barking, then tugged at his sleeve getting him out of his chair. By the time Tombstone and the not Dagan got back to the rooms, it was too late.  Our heroine was gone and the room smelled of magick.

The hellhound slumped to his belly and howled.


Reuben burped as he slapped his leg on the top of the table. Finn sitting in the far corner of the Inn, crouched on top of the bar, surveying the carnage. The two werewolves had behaved for all of an hour, before something set them off, and they killed the ten people in the bar. He watched as Rolf spat something out of his mouth onto the floor. It looked like a piece of fingernail.

"That should get their attention." Reuben said burping again. He ran his hands through his long hair, shaking out the pieces of ripped fabric. "How long you think we need to wait?"

"Most likely a few more hours. Till either someone comes in or starts noticing their loved ones didn't come home...does that dude look familiar to you?" he pointed suddenly to a short man slumped over another table, before getting up to check.

"He's one of mine. Screamed a lot...pissed himself too." the werewolf smiled sticking out his tongue. The other male shook his head as he lifted the dead guy by the back of his neck to see if he could get a clear view of him.

"Kinda reminds me of Harker." Rolf commented. Shrugging he dropped him back to the table.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  I was going to have her rape him then turn him into a toad...)

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