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The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p20

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 198, chapter 198

Dagan made his way back into the estate, dropping his coffee cup into the sink. Rolf had told him what had happened with the dreams, but he knew his buddy was keeping something from him. Rolf was always sitting on some big family secret like he had the weight of the world on his massive shoulders.
The cook was busy in the kitchen making bread; a tray of dinner rolls already sitting to cool, and a large lemon cake waiting to be frosted. The auburn haired male reached around the older woman about to dip his fingers into the bowl of frosting, only to have them slapped. Without looking at him, the cook scolded him. Smiling he planted a quick kiss on her cheek remembering when he and Harker were kids and being gently yelled at for stealing the whisks and spoons still covered in chocolate or butterscotch. After their mother had died, the two boys found themselves hanging around the kitchen staff more then they should have, searching for any familiar glimpse of what their mother had been in the beauty of the young maids, in the sweetness of the older women, in the general good naturedness of them. He felt a soft shot of sadness as he thought about how they were always so happy, always singing and joking and gossiping about the village. Dagan wished he could go back to being that kid again. To have the kitchen filled with innocent chatter and wonderful smells.  Sighing, the werewolf scratched at his stomach heading back towards the south wing.

He found himself slammed up against the wall, the female digging her nails into the soft flesh of his upper arms, her knees pressed hard into his; as Dagan found himself grinning from the kiss.
"Okay, magick mist those pants off, let's get this over with." she mumbled standing up on her toes to kiss him again. He leaned his upper body away from her's, his eyebrows knitted together in puzzlement.

"What the shack?" he asked running his hand through his hair. "Now you want to have sex?" he tilted his face towards her sniffing. "Are you drunk? You don't smell like you've been drinking so what's gotten into you?" He teased as he rubbed the back of his skull against the wall causing his hair to cling to the smooth surface.

She shrugged pressing against him. "Does it matter?"   The werewolf stood there for a long few seconds staring off at a small crack in the far wall. It was his turn to shrug as he closed his eyes nodding.

"Kinda yeah. This is not like you. You're not...this." he answered waving his hand in her face.  He stood up to his full height, jutting out his chin as if to punctuate his point. The grin never completely leaving his lips.

She reached her one hand up to his throat slamming him against the wall again, her nails drawing blood. "And as a vampire, I don't have to ask for anything. If I want something, I take it." she licked the droplets of blood, her tongue gliding over him from the edge of his collar bone to his ear. The taste of the hot liquid causing her mind to swim. Dagan made a sound that was somewhere between a growl and a moan, grabbing her wrist removing her hand from his neck.

"Wait a second...what do you mean let's get this over with?"  He held her at arms length, licking his lips, suspicion creeping into his blue eyes. "What are you trying to distract me from? What's going on?" The shapeshifter sniffed the air not detecting anyone else's scent. If she was hiding someone, they were long gone. The sudden thought of her in bed with his uncle flashed in his mind, his neck and shoulder muscles tightening with the hint of jealousy.

"Obviously nothing." she huffed moving from him continuing into the bathroom. Turning on the shower, she bent down to scratch Tombstone's ear as the hellhound had been curled up in the doorway between the bathroom and adjoining library.  "Gee Dags, you sound offended."
He nodded to the now empty bedroom before jumping over the bed nearly falling as his foot snagged on the blankets, causing the male to trip.

"Um yeah just a little bit." he bit his cheek flexing his one hand, before pointing at her. Shifting his weight, the auburn haired male bent his one knee as if he were about to drop to a crouch, instead he began to stretch, his arms out one in front of him, one behind. He stood up again, bouncing a few times, shaking his shoulders loosely like a little kid. Our heroine smiled, trying not to laugh at the over 6'foot lycanthrope as he moved on the spot.

"Wow! You're juiced up." she calmly stated grabbing a fresh towel from the cabinet.

"I'm not juiced up. I'm not." he leaned over his forehead touching her's as he rolled his body. "Okay maybe...maybe just a little. But what do you expect?" he broke the physical contact with her long enough to sneeze. Dagan backed her into the corner suddenly, one hand on either side of the wall. "Rolf's here. He's outside, can't come in because of the wardings. Told me to tell you..." he nudged her shoulder with his nose, his eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf. "that he's been having the white wolf dreams, only they're more like nightmares."

"I know. I heard you two talking. Double super-hearing now." she whispered. "I'm not too worried."

"No? He is." Dagan licked his lips again, his fangs starting to jut through his gums. "He's worried to the point he came here, in a panic."  He started to fidget, his left leg shaking, his nose pressed tight to her skin as he sniffed her shoulders, her collar bone, her neck before snapping his teeth at her twice.  Grabbing his face between her hands, our heroine forced Dagan to look at her.

"So Rolf showing up has you juiced? I was unaware he held such a dazzle over you..." she teased.

"It's the hair." Dagan let his mouth fall open, exposing both his top and bottom fangs, as he started to shift. "Okay if we're not going to shack, I'm going for a run. In wolf form." he continued to stand there pinning her to the wall. Our heroine could feel every muscle in the werewolf's body as he was holding back from transforming completely.

"Don't let me stop you."

He started to tap his thumb on the wall by her ear. "Seriously, what did you mean let's get it over with?" the insecurity in his voice made it pinched.  Our heroine let out a strained breath as she rolled her eyes at him, her hands seeming to have a mind of their own as they made their way to his waist. "You made it sound like it's a chore or something?" the male's ego was bruised.

"Dagan, it's a ritual. Nothing more nothing less. We shack, it locks in the alpha position for the pack all magickal and binding..."

"Yeah..." a low sound hissed out of his chest as he bent at the knees swaying a centimeter closer to her, the magick mist swirling around him in a thick fog. "Still, you're making it sound like it's a task you have to undertake and not...not...something you want to be doing..."

"Something has to be going on longer then three seconds to be a chore. All I'm saying."  The werewolf stared at her his mouth open, a thin layer of saliva pooling in the corner, his eyes wide still that of the wolf. "Ripper I get it, honestly I do." she moved her hands around his back sliding over his spine. "Feelings don't equal attraction."

"But you are attracted to me." he nodded his head making his point. "That's why you slept with my uncle who looks just like me."

"But you're not to me."  Tombstone snored causing both to turn looking at the half timber wolf- half hellhound. The beast raised his muzzle giving them each consideration before getting up and wandering into the other room.

"Yeah what he said." the werewolf was out of the room in a blink, down the hallway and out the kitchen door of the estate before our heroine could think of a reply.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Well you know you can't have everything.)

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