Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Theme Week -SATC

As I mentioned on another post earlier this week, I've been struggling to find a theme for this month. I was thinking at one point, of movies done in 1974, but I believe I already mentioned that I couldn't even sit through the trailers for the few I found let alone the whole movies.  Then with yesterday's pizza post and all the talk of old 80's Feldman films, I started to think about things I love. The pieces of life that makes me; well me.
So since my birthday is Sunday, I've decided that the theme this week is going to be a tv show that really shaped who I am now. My ultimate can't live without, inspired big changes/A-HA! moments in my life.

And cross your parts/paws/fangs that there will be at some point cake...

Sex and the City 

Season 1 Episode 1 "Sex and the City"

plot:After another birthday that the four girls -Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha- spend single, they make a pact to have a love life without the love and just have sex like men. Because of this, Carrie makes a mistake with a former ex, where upon she meets Mr. Big.  Carrie learns she's not cut out for emotionless relationships, and starts to question if she'll be alone forever? Miranda dates a younger man who's too nice. Charlotte dates a guy who is infamous for being a playboy, who dumps her for Samantha.  Carrie bumps into Mr. Big again on her way home from a club, and they discuss the topic of loveless sex vs emotional relationships.

Quote of the week "Cupid has flown the co-op"

This episode sets the foundations for the whole series to come. The debate of hopeless romance vs sex without feelings.

Favourite quote -"Absof***inglutely."  uttered by Mr. Big in the final scene.
Favourite outfit- the animal print dress Carrie wares in the last five minutes of the episode.

I can say without any doubt, it was literally this last scene with Carrie and Mr. Big in the limo, that hooked me as a fan. The scene itself is only 2 and a half minutes, but it's the scene that always stuck out to me.
I loved the fact that this guy comes out of nowhere, and in one conversation, manages to undo all the hard work that the four women have put into motion convincing themselves and each other that they have to be colder, when it comes to men.
He, literally, with one word changes how Carrie views the power struggle between men and women. 

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