Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Random movie March 4th 2015

Single Mom's Club

plot: A group of women are pulled into their children's school because each child was caught breaking the rules. As punishment, the mom's are forced to work together on a school fundraiser. They all decide on their first group meeting, that they need to get a break more often, and end up sharing babysitting duties so the others can go out every week.

This is a 2014 comedy starring Nia Long and Amy Smart.

Oh my god! why did I sit through this? There is one really funny part and that's a scene where one of the mom's asks her hot neighbour if he can help build the "enchanted forest" for the school dance. Other then that, the story never really gets any depth to it. There's no real emotions, nothing to really make you care about any of the women, or the men in their lives.
Honestly, I think the issue was there were too many characters and none of them where ever really given a chance to shine, to be built upon.

I didn't care for it. I found it dull.

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