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The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p21

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 199, chapter 199

The auburn-red wolf snorted as he trudged past the campfire, headbutting the larger male. Rolf sniffed, shifting his eyes to look at his buddy debating if he should join him for awhile. Moving slightly in his seat, the dark haired male put down the sword he was sharpening, and stood up stretching. The magick mist engulfed him, removing the black leather pants, vest and boots, leaving him naked. Shaking out his shoulders, the tall male began to open and close his mouth, loosening his jaws. Arching his back, he felt his shoulders pop out of joint as he fell to the ground. His nose had already lengthened, just as his lips split to allow the muzzle to emerge.
The onyx wolf shook himself as he howled, the sound reverberating back in the estate. Our heroine stopped looking through the large spellbook; closing her eyes and listened. She found herself stretching her own arms feeling the extreme tightness in her back and shoulders as the part of her that was merged with the lycanthrope yearned to join them.

Finn jumped up into the nearest tree branches in order to keep his distance from the two wolves. They didn't like him at all, but at lest in their human forms, Dagan and Rolf couldn't really hurt him; but there was no telling what they would do now that they were at the mercy of their animal sides.
Dagan threw his head back howling. Our heroine cringed as she heard the sound. He was still upset with her. Raising an eyebrow she shuffled through the length of the library trying to see if she could find a pen and notepad, wanting to copy some stuff from the Seer's spellbook. 

"You cringed. Surely you've grown custom to my nephew's more natural side by now?" Victor smirked as he appeared in the doorway of the room.

"You have no idea." she retorted, slamming a drawer shut. "I know what every little nudge, every little sound means. Not just Dagan, but Rolf, Reuben, Ash, Leo, the Seer." she moved back to where the book was. "I know when one of them is mad, happy, goofing around in wolf form. When one of them is sulking over a loss, and trust me those boys fight all the time in wolf form. Fight all the time in human form too. There are days I want to put on a striped shirt and call for a bell..." she flipped the pages in the book trying to keep a few feet of distance between herself and Victor. He was smiling just a bit too handsomely. "Thank god werewolves are instant healers cause otherwise the place would look like an emergency waiting room some nights. Cuts that would otherwise need stitches, bruises that look dangerously evil, broken bones that would never totally heal, skull injuries. Must be what living with a wrestler is like eh?"
Victor crossed the room in what appeared like two steps, his attention having been taken by the trinket on her hand. "Early birthday gift from Loki." her voice was nearly inaudible.

"Have you thought about what you're going to name it?"

"'s a ring..." she snickered turning to grab her leather bag from a chair, retrieving her lunchbox.

"The baby smartass." the tall male leaned on the book, not letting her return to her task.

" Why? He's Loki's son."

"He? You already know it's a boy?" the older male stood then to his full height, letting out a laboured breath.

"Magickal pregnancy remember. Loki wants an heir so I'm sure he's already magickaly chose it's sex."  

Victor nodded mumbling to himself as he shifted position again, inching his shoulders closer to her. "But you must have thought about it? I mean, every woman does." his voice rose as he began to fidget, his left hand moving in tiny circles.

"Palmer's nice. Thomas. I like Vladislav..." she dumped the contents of the lunchbox in the middle of the desk. Holding up a pen she grinned in triumph. Victor squinted up his eyes as he opened his mouth seemingly stupefied.  He started to pick through the items that now littered the desk.

"Palmer? Since when has a demi-god had such a mundane name? Oh let's summon the all and powerful god of war Palmer...What's with all the dream catchers? You've got like fifty here"

"Thirteen actually. Dagan keeps making them." Victor held one up to the light that had dark wool wound tight along with little gold flakes. "He makes them from whatever is on hand." she said flatly. "Yeah that's not wool." the male tossed it down like it was contaminated wiping his hand on his thigh. "That one was made with..." she picked it up gently twirling it in the light of the lamps. "Rolf's hair. That boy sheds something fierce even in human form." she shrugged putting it back down on the table. Victor groaned shivering at the thought. "Victor you play with dead people."

"I don't keep bits hanging around in a lunchbox. That's just...gross."

"Palmer...Palmer Frankenstein." she said without looking at him. "It works." sighing she turned to face him again only to find herself staring at the top of his hair. "I'm sure you and Loki will come to some agreement when the time comes." the older male had his eyes cast down at her stomach, his shoulders slumped, his hands flexing and unflexing as if he didn't know what to do with himself.

"Me?" his face shot up to her's, looking her dead in the eye.

"You're planning on raising it are you not?" she had crossed her arms now just under her chest giving her boobs a boost. "Doesn't matter if I survive the birth or if you go ahead with whatever your sick little brain has planned. The revenge you were talking about on Dagan, is raising this werewolf."  Victor stood up straight, his arms out at his sides palms up, a look clouding his intense blue eyes. The smile spread across his face exposing his dimples making him look decades younger then he was.

"Two fold. I would be the sole benefactor of a god. A god! And, my ungrateful nephew would suffer knowing I was the one shaping that monster's mind." he took a half step back rolling his shoulders as if he were about to break out in a belly dance, the exact way Dagan did when he was planning something. "And there is nothing he could do to stop me. I'm stronger than him, I'm quicker than him, I'm smarter than him. What my nephew and that pack of mutts know about magick, I've forgotten decades ago. There isn't a spell in the world that would be able to take that half-breed from me once it's born. Not even your dear devoted Loki would be able to touch me." reaching a very pale hand out, he tapped her chin. "In the mean take care of yourself. Last thing we want is you miscarrying again. You'd be useless to us all if you do that."  He walked to the door of the library, stopping at the threshold. "I know what I seem like to you. But you know my nephews. I loved them both. I will love this baby." he continued on out of the rooms.

"Which is the one thing you can do that I can not." she whispered flipping the pages of the spellbook.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Palmer Frankenstein...)

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