Sunday, March 22, 2015

Theme Week part 6-SATC

The final season of the show was split into two separate DVDs Season 6 part One and Season 6 part Two; and that's how I'm tackling it...

Sex and the City
Season 6 Episode 12 (#86 for the series)

plot: Charlotte and Carrie go to see a performance artist and meet Aleksandr Petrovsky. Miranda's new boyfriend tells her he loves her with a cookie, which freaks her out. Samantha deals with finding a few grey hairs. Charlotte finds out she's pregnant but miscarries. Miranda and Steve's son has his first birthday,

Quote of the Week- "When will waiting for the done?"

Favourite quote- "Yes I need glasses and I'm not ashamed. I have a sexy young man who loves to f*** me and I'm fabulous." -Samantha
"Have you considered putting that on a t-shirt?" -Miranda

Favourite outfit- the purple-blue scarf dress that Carrie is wearing at the beginning of the episode.

The big gag in this episode is how many times they put the word/number "one" into things, from Brady turning one year old, to Carrie's date being at 1am upon her showing up a few minutes late at 1:03am, to their date ending at 3:01am, to the one single grey hair Samantha finds, to the one giant cookie given to Miranda, to the one shaped birthday candle.  Even in Carrie's question of the week, she talks about waiting for the one guy, one thing, one apartment, one job that people believe will make everything in their life better.

Sex and the City
Season 6 Episode 20 (#94 of the series)
"An American Girl in Paris part Deux"

plot: Carrie has moved to Paris with Aleksandr, and finds herself spending too much time by herself. Charlotte and Harry adopt a baby. Samantha finally starts to feel normal after her battle with cancer. Miranda finds herself running through the streets looking for Steve's mother after she has a stroke. Mr. Big freaks out and runs to Paris to win Carrie back. The girls end up celebrating Samantha's birthday back in New York.

Quote of the Week-   this is the only episode there is no question of the week.

Favourite quote- "Oh did you want to come up?" -Carrie
"Absof***inglutely." -Mr. Big  sitting in his car, this is mirrored to the end scene in the pilot episode.

Favourite outfit- I have to say, I loved the hairdo they give Samantha in this, a short bleached out crop cut.
I also love the fur coat Carrie wears on one of her walks in Paris, and the fur coat Samantha wears when she gets the flowers.

It's the first time in the entire series we learn Mr. Big's name in the final scene. It had been a running gag throughout the series that his name is never mentioned. Names actually become a theme in this episode, we see the gallery where Aleksandr's name is in giant letters giving a hint of how his ego is, then Carrie finds her lost necklace with her nameplate in the bottom of her purse giving her back her own identity, and the caller id which says John reveling Big's name.
I love the in joke they have with the character Samantha talking about Canada, given the actress is Canadian. And the ballerina style tutu they put Carrie in for her party scene, which is a mimic of the classic opening credits tutu used the whole series.

And after 11 years, I still cry every time I watch this episode.

I'm not covering the two movies cause I did talked about them year one of the blog. 

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