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The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p22

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 200, chapter 200

"You didn't get the job done."   Loki said as he shimmered out of the shadows, walking carefully, slowly across the length of the library. Our heroine didn't need to turn to know the dark haired god was standing inches now away from her. She could hear the crinkling of his leather jacket.

"I didn't realize it was an ultimatum." she responded breathless. The god shook his head, his chin brushing against her shoulder as he looked extremely close at what she was copying from the spellbook.

"No but I'd get it done if I were you. Times a ticking and let's just say your boys have a ladder match they need to go deal with." he grinned like a little kid.

"Dagan didn't even notice the ring..."

"Six sided ring..." Loki added tapping her hand. "It's not just any ring, it's a very special ring."

"But Victor did." she sighed feeling the breath of the man on her neck. A strange chill ran through our heroine just as Loki moved away.

"Victor isn't the pack alpha. Dagan is. Shack Victor all you want, after you secure the alpha position in the pack." he turned on his heels "But trust me, you'll be thanking me for pushing you on this." he started to wander around the room, heading straight for the adjoining nursery. "Cozy. Two of everything. Maybe I should have knocked you up with twins? Huh? Keep the Frankenstein family theme going, make use of all this stuff." he leaned back at the waist his hands out in front of him gesturing to the cribs and cradles, the toybox of old forgotten broken items, and the rocking chair in the corner. "Try the page with the carvings on it around the back of the book. The ones that look like they were printed in blood." He heard her flip through the large volume, grunting as she found them. "And isn't it strange that the Seer has yet to arrive to save his grandmother's book? Or you I suppose." Loki shrugged, as he returned to stand beside her. Tapping the book, the dark haired god's demeanor changed, the little laugh lines around his eyes becoming smooth, the shinning flicks of gold in his brown eyes becoming liquid steel just before flashing the amber-grey of the wolf.  "We're going to need a few things. I'll head to the kitchen you get started."


The auburn-red wolf ran a few feet ahead of the onyx wolf, having caught the familiar scent of their buddy. Coming to a halt, Dagan realized he'd lost the trail, sniffing the edge of the vineyard, getting closer and closer to the edge of the village. His ears twitched as he heard something off in the distance. Leaves crunching, the sound of something jumping and landing heavy in packed dirt, the rush of a thumping heartbeat. Without waiting for the other wolf to catch up, Dagan turned heading west back around the length of the still viable crop. There he found the temptation, a small family of rabbits that were living in an abandoned wine barrel. The caramel wolf not more then twenty feet away, stalking them.
Reuben really needed to break his rabbit habit. Howling Dagan sent the rabbits fleeing in all directions, as the caramel wolf snorted slumping to his belly.

A few minutes later, the three males sat exhausted, having shifted back to human form. Reuben stood up stretching out his arms feeling the ache deep in his muscles from having traveled so far. He didn't have to wait long before everyone started to fill him in.

"So you are saying that you..." he pointed to Rolf. "are barred from entering the estate and Nosferatu can't come out cause she's being held in by the same ward? Next thing we know you'll be stuck counting seeds and freaking out over flowers while she's howling at the moon." He tapped the back of his hand on the larger male's chest. "Am I right?" 
Rolf turned his blue eyes away from his buddy not willing to tell him it had already started. "And you..." Reuben turned slapping Dagan on the back of the skull. "I told you so!" he flicked his long hair out of his eyes before putting it back in this trademark too smooth to be human ponytail. "Come on! I told you breaking your sire bond with her was a mistake. Told you that you'd regret it. Didn't I? Huh?" He nodded to himself smiling like a little kid. "I'm always right, you just don't give me enough credit."

"Okay, you were...right." Dagan stammered as he closed his eyes, arms crossed over his chest. "What do you want a metal?" his left leg started twitching in nervousness.

"I so do not hate breaking up this little love fest, but why are you here?"  Finn asked from his seat by the campfire. The familiar had gone hunting while the werewolves had been playing. The goose he figured was enough if they weren't greedy, but that was asking a lot from a bunch of mutts. The sandy haired male began angrily plucking the feathers of the bird.

"The magick mirror sent me. We've got an issue. He's freaking out back in his century talking about a rip in time or something. He wants me to open a time portal. And in order to do that, I need the bitch to scream."

"Isn't that the same thing the Seer did last year? When Dagan lost his memories?" Rolf replied.

"Yeah." Reuben replied scratching at the edges of his beard. "Damn fleas." He stretched again, linking his hands behind his head. "But, this time, if Nos don't go, it should be okay." he shrugged. "I just need her to scream. The mirror said, her being a banshee is the key to the spell working. Something to do with the sonic blah blah blah. I wasn't paying attention, his stuffy British voice bores me."

"Don't you kind of need the Seer for magick that strong?" Rolf said, turning in his seat one hand on his knee. "And we haven't seen him in a few days."

"No. All I need, is his spellbook. And that's here." Reuben replied pointing to the estate.

"Actually, no you don't."  The whole group turned to see Loki standing beside the tree. "Which mirror did you end up inheriting?"

"Um...Nathaniel." Reuben and Rolf said.  "The stuffy British dude with the wire rimmed glasses and shifty looking face." Dagan answered. They all spoke in unison. Everyone turned to look at the auburn haired male.

"What? I couldn't remember his name okay." he shuffled his feet as if wiping them. "I remember the way he sweet talked the female smiling at her in that come hither way. All educated in charm school tactics and and..." his voice became heavy, pinched as he spoke through clinched teeth. "Getting her trust with that tweedy flirting he did..." the werewolf had brought both hands now up to his face in claw formations, before throwing punches at the air.

"So sire bond has taken affect."  Reuben said under his breath. "20 coins says he's a drooling mess before he manages to claim her as his mate."  Rolf just shook his head trying to hold back the grin. Dagan snarled as he cracked his neck, rotating his shoulders advancing towards Reuben.

"You think this is funny? You think this is funny? Huh?" he stood just centimeters away from him, his stance suggesting a fight, his mouth slightly open. "I'd like to see you handle this any better. Oh wait, you didn't! She was only your mate for a half second, by default and you..." he grabbed Reuben's chin digging his nails into his flesh before the other werewolf shoved his hand away. "And you puffed up screaming about how you were the man! Huh! Now where are you? You are no longer the pack alpha, and she's no longer your's."

"Enough!" Loki's voice was loud enough to shake the ground, rattling the trees sending a shower of leaves down around them. "No wonder she's happier in the estate with Victor. You all acting like a pack of rapid dogs! Or worse, a bunch of wrestlers fighting over a title. What, do you want I throw you all into a cage with a ladder and let you slaughter each other, cause I can do it."

Dagan backed away a half step his hands up in the air in a surrender motion. "Alright alright alright." he licked his lips tilting his face towards Loki, his eyes squinted up. "Ever notice the banshee gets compared to a belt a lot? Am I the only one who keeps seeing the..." he made a motion with his hands towards his waist. "Is it a barbed wire cage? Will there be chairs?"  He fell to his knees coughing up blood, Loki's patience worn thin.

Letting out a deep sigh, the god lowered his hand, releasing Dagan. The werewolf bent his face to the ground gasping for air. "You are so lucky you three are my favourites. I'd have slaughtered you myself by now if I didn't love you so much. Ungrateful as you can be." He turned his attention to Rolf who had by this point stood up, ready for an attack. "You will go with Reuben. Understood. Take the cat with you." the dark haired god lowered his eyes, a dark shadow covering most of his face. "You..." he turned again to face Dagan who was still on the ground. "I suggest, you waste little time claiming her as your mate. Cause I can make your life so unbearable. I had planned on sending you with them, but I see you're not man enough to get anything done. You have one simple task. Make her your mate so she has the protection of the pack. It's not rocket science."  The god had started to shift, loosing the control on his current form, the leather jacket and grey t-shirt that he preferred both disappearing in the magick mist, as it swirled angrily around him. His legs seemed to get a few inches longer, his shoulders becoming wider, his flesh paler almost to the colour of eggshells. But it was his face that sent a shiver through all four of the others.
His nose became more muzzle like, his jaw more squared, his cheekbones sharper, higher, his eyes sunken pools of amber-grey, his fangs jutting out a full inch from his lips both top and bottom rows. Loki stood there half human, but more than any werewolf. More than any shapeshifter any of them had witnessed. Large horns had begun to form in a strange shadow like way from the back of his skull, his ears coming to fairy like points. There seemed to be spikes of bone in a double row in shadow form too at his shoulders, and elbows, a strange pattern of rune markings fading in and out across his chest like the way the sun gleams off the lake.
"Understand, you'll need to find a magick mirror once you get there. Not an easy task in itself. But it should be your first priority. Time portals are sticky things." he tossed a small pouch at Finn. "This is for when you're ready to come back. It will only work once."
Loki waved his hand, causing Reuben, Rolf and Finn to disappear. Turning his attention then back to Dagan. "I'd tell you not to shack things up, but, that's exactly what I need you to do."  Loki shimmered into the shadows, disappearing.

Rolf, Reuben and Finn found themselves suddenly on the edge of a cliff. Turning, the familiar mindlessly tapped Rolf. "Um guys..."  The two werewolves sniffed as they moved an inch away from the edge of the rocks, before turning too. "Is that?"

"Oh my god!" Reuben replied bringing both hands up to finger comb his long dark hair. His mouth fell open in shock as he tried to process what he was seeing.

"I think we are in Romania." Rolf's voice was a more a statement then a question as he moved another few feet closer to the dead body that hung before them. There was nothing for miles but the wall of impaled bodies.

TO BE CONTINUED NEXT SEASON...(okay you know Wrestlemaina week)

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. What, you think our heroine was the only vampire I was going to bring into this? What are you dumb, stupid?)

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