Friday, March 18, 2016

year 5 day 106

movie: Ant-Man
starring: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas
genre: Action
year: 2015
format: Netflix Canada

plot: After breaking into a house and stealing a robotic suit, a thief finds himself the only one able to stop a sleazy corporation from building an army of super soliders

Based on the comics

Just when I think I've seen nearly all the Marvel movies, I find out there are half a dozen more.  This was a cute one, dare I saw sweet.  Little much on the use of the ants, but that's what gives it some humour.

Two things were going through my mind through most of this movie, it's sort of on the same scale as Spider-Man; given it's mostly about an ordinary guy just doing the best he can and I kept thinking of Honey I Shrunk The Kids.
Here's a guy who has made a few mistakes in his life, and is just looking for a way to get a second chance. When he does, it's a lot more responsibility then he ever imagined. Which, he at first refuses but isn't really given a choice. Both the Rudd character and the Douglas character are at the end of the day, just trying to hold their families together.  We see them have to steal a second robotic suit in order to keep the technology from being used in the wrong way.

I liked the dynamic of Rudd's character and the step-dad played by Bobby Cannavale. Both want the same thing, but are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Literally in this case as the lead is a thief while the character of the step-dad is a cop. Each is out to prove he's the alpha male in their family situation.

what did I learn? A shrink ray would be cool

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