Saturday, March 19, 2016

year 5 day 107

movie: Night at the Museum 2 Battle of the Smithsonian
starring: Ben Stiller, Amy Adams
genre: Comedy
year: 2009
format: TV Edit

plot: After learning that most of the museum's exhibits are being put into storage at the Smithsonian along with the tablet, the night watchman has to find a way to return them.

Didn't I just see this? I know I watched part 3 the other month, and this storyline is pretty much the same thing. This time around, the "bad guys" are being lead by Kahmunrah, an Egyptian pharaoh who is set on world domination. His plan is to unlock the gates of the underworld using the tablet, only he doesn't have the secret code. He then holds many of the Smithsonian exhibits hostage forcing the Stiller character to figure it out for him.

I found it bit disappointing. It sort of doesn't go anywhere, it's just this big stage for the Smithsonian. We follow the heroes as they go from one area to another being chased by the bad guys, and trying to figure out the code. And when they do, it's really lack luster. 

what did I learn? Bobble heads are creepy.

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