Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stuck in a car with you

movie: The Guilt Trip

Where I saw it: mom's, on Shaw On Demand

reason for seeing it: mom's choice

Oh my god!  I'm so bad man, I actually saw this two weeks ago, like two or three days before I had gone to see the latest Star Trek, so this should have been mentioned few weeks ago.

Dude, I really liked this film. I thought it was funny, witty, and so heartbreakingly real on so many levels.

plot:  A salesman who's just found out his mom named him after the big love of her life, decides to track down the man and without telling his mother, invites her along on a cross country trip in order for her to see him again. Along the way, the two realize they have more in common then they ever knew they did. From a drunken brawl in a hotel, to visiting his first girlfriend only to find she's married, to having his mother help him pitch a tv commercial, their bond grows.

I sort of hope that this gets a second offering. There is a great hint during the credits at the end that if it does, they might go to Paris. That would be an interesting idea.

till later

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