Friday, June 7, 2013

Witches and Theives

Monday, I was able to rent on Shaw Video On Demand,   Beautiful Creatures.  And yesterday, also on Shaw Video On Demand, I was able to catch Identity Thief.  

I really liked both these films.

Beautiful Creatures, I had read the book few months ago for book club (still upset about that not working out)  and at the time had hoped to see the film in the cinema. Didn't.   But, that's fine, got to check it out this week on rental and it was fairly true to the novel. 

plot: A small southern town becomes the central gathering place of a family of feuding witches after a teenaged girl moved back to town. On her 16th birthday, the forces of dark or light will choose her for themselves, unless someone she loves takes her place. With only four months left before her birthday, she has one wish, to have as normal a life as possible before then, with high school rivalries and proms.

Identity Thief,  it's a buddy-road movie. 

plot: After finding out that someone has stolen his identity, causing him to loose his job and be arrested, Sandy decides to confront the woman using his name and who's emptied out his accounts. She reluctantly agrees to go with him on a four day car ride to explain to his boss as long as he does not press charges. Soon they find themselves on the run from drug dealers and a bounty hunter. All they can hope is that they survive the four days in one piece.

p.s.  I did watch Lost Boys 2 Tribe   for the vampire half of things this week. More on the vampire stuff later.

till later.

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