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Year 2 Mid-Season rest of the story 7

The Nosferatu Adventures
Page 7, Chapter 7

Our heroine picked up her vampire themed lunchbox and binder, turned towards Rolf and said thank you, as she started to walk away from the very large werewolf.  That was until she got about four steps, then  the very large werewolf grabbed her by the back of the neck and tossed her backwards. She hit the tree knocking all the air out of her.

"Where do you think you're going?" Rolf asked.

"That-a-way. Yonder." she held up the lunchbox pointing right to what she believed was the North.

"No. You are sitting right there until the others come back."

"But why? You lot killed me, gave me teeth for slaughtering innocent bunnies and stuff so I should be able to handle anything...why are you laughing?" our not so brave heroine slumped forward, the lunchbox smashing into her knee.

"We still haven't figured out what you are now. Which means, it's more dangerous for you then it was when you were still ..." he crossed his arms over his massive chest, this look of complete stone on his face. "...alive. Human, whatever. The forest is the last place you want to be alone."

"Look, werewolf boy, I'm tired of captain furball over there..." she gestured again with her lunchbox towards the right. "...and his half naked evil trickster routine. And why three? How is this a job for three werewolves huh? Escorting one little old me through some trees?"

"Wolves are community creatures." he shrugged. "There really isn't such a thing as a lone wolf, it's a myth."  Just as he said that, both Reuben and Dagan returned soaking from having been in the lake.  Reuben grinned at her, his eyes still that of the werewolf as he held out his hand.

"Check this out." he let the necklace dangle in front of her face, smacking into her nose. "See that, how it shines in the light from the campfire. Mermaid scales. Isn't it pretty?" the five scales were the size of quarters as they caught the light, reflecting back in a metallic copper. "Made it myself. See, Dagan here isn't the only one who's got a good eye for crafting." he burped.

"My god, did you eat a Mermaid?" Rolf asked.

"No. She was dead already. Crashed up on some rocks, half her fins shredded. I'm not a monster." he let his eyes turn back to the chocolate brown of a human male. "Okay, yeah technically I am but Mermaids, poisonous to us. I'm not stupid." he put the necklace on before turning from his friend and heading back down the path.

"He seems angry." our heroine commented.

"He's always like that. I think he was hoping you'd be pretty." Dagan remarked half turned from her. He let out a sound that was half scream half howl as he moved from our heroine, his arm crimson. "You bit me!"

"Now, we're even." she licked her lips, his blood sticky and thick. "Typical male, you look better then you taste."  Dagan took a step towards her, his eyes glowing in anger, his hair now falling into his face.  Rolf put one massively strong arm out grabbing at his buddy.

"You did deserve it." he laughed at Dagan. "Come on, you're already healing. She didn't even do any real damage." the smile never left his face.
"She bit me! I may need a tetanus shot." Dagan's voice rose a few notches.

"You're immune to everything, you don't need a tetanus shot." Rolf continued to laugh.

"But we still have no idea what she is." he pointed with his now totally healed arm towards her. "Oh wait, hang on her eyes just changed."  The two wolves took a half step closer to our heroine, noticing that her normally hazel eyes had become white. Completely white, the pupils disappearing.  "Fangs and white eyes." Dagan's face lit up as he smirked. "I think you're a Banshee."  he ran his hand through his hair fixing it. "Scream." he poked her in the ribs. "Scream for me." he poked her in the ribs again. "Come on, you let out a crazy loud scream earlier after I had killed you. Scream." Dagan was getting impatient with our heroine.

She shook her head, her eyes going back to normal. "No. Don't want to. But..." she licked her lips again, the smell of his blood still hot in the air. "...I wouldn't mind another bite."

"Aren't Banshee's a type of vampire?" they all turned to see Reuben had returned, his shirt missing. There were large claw marks running from his shoulder to his waist.

"What happened to you?" Dagan asked.

"Cougar. That I did eat."

"Insert dirty joke." our heroine mumbled as she walked past him. "I don't think I'll get used to this werewolf speed you guys have.You said when they got back I could leave. Leaving." she brought the binder up to cover her view of the half naked Reuben as she continued on down the path. "You guys really need to put some shirts on, you're hurting my new eyes." She continued to walk alone, following the sounds of frogs for about an hour till she got to the lake. "Doesn't look that deep at this one spot." she went to take a step across but found herself unable. She moved her foot, and ended up just standing there, in mid step. Hesitating.

"You're still here. Thought you would have been off getting killed again by something worse then us by now." Dagan's voice echoed in the trees around her. Taking a step back from the edge of the lake, our heroine looked behind her to see the three werewolves slowly stalking towards her.

"Give me a minute and I will. Be off somewhere you're not." she took another step, loosing her balance falling first forward, then bounced backward stumbling back a step. "Someone put a force field around the water. How am I suppose to get to the other side?"

"You can't. And it's not a force field. You can't cross running water." Rolf said. "You should know this. Don't you have that written in your little notebook there." he gestured to her binder as he walked up beside her taking it from her. He flipped through it. "Right here, ways to trap a vampire. Seeds, running water, roses. Reuben's right, Banshee's are a classification of vamp. Congratulations, you got what you wanted."

"Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it." Reuben said coming up on the right of her smiling, sticking his tongue out at her, as he once again put his hair up in a too smooth to be human ponytail. She made a noise deep in her throat that was suppose to be a growl but sounded more like a bad cough that she was suppressing. "Yeah no." Reuben put his hand on her forehead. "You're trying to growl from here. You need to growl from here." he moved his hand to the hollow of her throat. "You're over thinking it. Cute try though, very scary." he winked smiling still.

"How am I going to get across the lake?"

"You're not. Not while the stream is running." Rolf remarked. Turning the very large werewolf found a tree about two feet wide and managed to uproot it. Tossing it like it was nothing, the trunk of it landed in the water near a shallow point, splashing the rest of them. Rolf then let out a roar that scared some of the animals nearby. Two more rabbits darted past them, grabbing Reuben's attention. "Dams, not just for beavers anymore."

Tune in later for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yeah, another straight up bit of the story, but what can I say, I really dig these wolves.)

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