Saturday, June 29, 2013

Year 2 Mid-Season Rest of the Story 6

The Nosferatu Adventures
Page 6, Chapter 6

Our heroine, found herself struggling to understand what was going on. That, and to not accidentally bite her tongue now that she had some fancy new fangs.

"Okay, how many times are you going to make me ask about this queen?" our not so brave heroine asked as she started to squeeze the water out of her t-shirt.

"Uh, you might want to just replace it." Rolf commented pointing to the tear in the back of her clothes from where Dagan had severed her spine. "Here." he grabbed a handful of ashes from the campfire, cupped them in his hands chanting. Opening the palm of his hand, he revealed what looked like a small crinkled bit of fabric. Blowing on it, the fabric stretched about two inches, leaving what looked like a large handkerchief flapping in the wind. "See what you can do with that?" he held it up in front of her.

"Huh yeah. I'd say nothing really." she replied.

"Just believe that you can." Rolf continued to hold it out to her, a smile on his face. "Have some faith." 

Taking the small square of fabric, our heroine let out a deep sigh wishing her shirt was fixed. A spark appeared, the material disappearing in a puff of smoke, as the smoke seemed to twist then around her body. She let out a small squeal as the damaged shirt she had been wearing was suddenly replaced by a nice new grey one the colour of the ash.

"See, just needed to believe."Dagan remarked. "And as you get better at it, the fancier you can get." he gestured towards her. "Add some lace at the neckline."  Rolf looked at his friend raising an eyebrow. "What? Just cause I killed her I can't give fashion advice? She's not holding something as tiny as ripping her spine in half against me." his left hand was now on her shoulder. "We're friends, pals, buddies even." moving his hand up he patted her on the top of her hair. "Right. I mean, what's a little carnage between friends?"  his eyes were still that of the werewolf,  as he smiled at her. (get ready for the links for the flashbacks) "Right? Good talk. I'm going to go take a Shower or something. Cause I'm feeling a bit gross."  He moved from them in a flash heading down towards the lake.

"He's a Puzzle, I know, but trust me when I say he's a decent guy once you get to know him. Bit of a rough Card, but still." Rolf stretched flicking his long hair out of his face. "Besides, now that you have died, that evil Rock hard exterior will melt away."

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