Sunday, June 9, 2013

Year 2 Mid-Season The Rest of the Story 2

The Nosferatu Adventures
Page 2, Chapter 2

Our heroine found herself at the edge of the desert. Tired, thirsty and alone.  Or so she thought. That was until she saw the the other lone figure sitting under the shade of a large cactus. The figure was a man, dressed in dust covered leather pants and a black t-shirt. He had sunglasses on that hid his eyes. But something told her that if she got a look at them, they would frighten her. The man was smoking a large cigarette that never seemed to end. He was considered the desert's wiseman, his name was Clive. (Yes, I named him Clive.)

Clive was there to help her on the next phase of her quest,(and remind you about  the links to the flashbacks)  to get her through the desert without falling into the Dirt. There was a Ship, he told her, she just needed to find it without getting Stuck in the sand. 
"Oh and one more thing. Watch your step, not only is this bat country, but there are buffalo."

"Will they trample me?" she asked holding her vampire print binder like a shield to her chest.

Clive stood there for a second staring up at the sky. "No, I'm telling you to watch out for the poop. Nasty stuff." He pointed his never ending cigarette towards the East and told her to head that way. "Once you hit the end of the desert, you'll find what you're looking for. But mind the shadows. There are Thieves in them. They'll take you for all that you've got."

She thanked him wishing he'd given her some water, as she continued on in the direction that he'd pointed her.  But she stopped a few feet and turned. "Hang on! I had called up the Magic Ninjas, so where are they and why was that dude..."  but she found herself talking to no one. Clive the desert wiseman had vanished. Turning around again, our heroine found herself suddenly facing the edge of a wooded area. "I guess I found the forest?" Knowing that the graveyard was just beyond it, She took a deep breath and started into the darkness of it. "Damn it, I really wish I had been smart enough to pack a flashlight. And a lunch."

On very shaky legs, she entered the forest, holding her lunchbox and binder in one hand while she hung on to the nearest tree with the other. That's when she heard the laughter. She was not the only one in the forest it would seem.  There were suddenly three large wolves on the path before her. "Wolves that laugh? That's not good."

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