Thursday, January 1, 2015

Jan 1st 2015

Flashback to Year 1 Day 30 on this blog. It was Jan 1st 2012, and I talked a little about the movie Bridget Jones's Diary.

So why am I bringing it up again? Well, for one, it's my tradition of watching this on New Year's day, while I break in a new journal. (I know I'm not the only one)  It was also part of my first  What this Movie Inspired Me to Do  posts (first post had more then one movie) it was part of my Top 5 Fav Hugh Grant films list, my Top 5 Fav Birthday Scenes, my Top 5 Fav Books to Film, it's also part of the Jane Austen based movies that I want to cover this year.

And most importantly, it's the first movie being covered in the Food'n Flix group for 2015. (some of whom are professional food writers. oh yeah intimidation being felt here.)  Cheap Ethnic Eatz , is the hosting blog for January.  (which I will be doing my official post for closer to the deadline and spoiler alert, there will be food.)

BJD is a version of Pride and Prejudice  by Jane Austen. Which makes January officially P/P month on this blog, if I actually get my arse in gear. (as well as the 1995 version of P/P also starring Colin Firth, the 2007 version of P/P starring Keira Knightley, and Twilight...yeah the sparkling vampires Twilight. Those are the only version I have of P/P)

Okay, so if you're too lazy like I am to actually hit the link for the flashback, here's the plot for it...

plot: Bridget, a 30 something singleton makes a new year's resolution to stop dating creeps, right before starting to date her boss Daniel. She ends up getting her heart broken when she finds out he's been cheating. Bridget then starts to date Darcy, Daniel's former best friend.

And that's all I'm going to give you right now because, I need coffee! I'll be back later, with the All Jane Austen part 2, post for this film. As well as the Food n Flix post for it. And when I say "later" I mean sometime in the next week or so, not necessarily this afternoon.

till later.

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