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The Nosferatu Adventures S7 p2

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 180, chapter 180

The Seer tossed the large purple bubble back and forth between his hands, the sounds of splashing echoing behind him. Rolling the magic bubble over his knuckles, he counted to ten. "That's enough. You're going to drown him." he said over his shoulder not looking at the other two males.

"What do you care? He's got nine lives." Dagan replied still holding Finn under the surface of the pond. "Well, eight now." the auburn haired male lifted Finn by the neck, water falling around them like rain. Tossing the familiar onto the edge of the mud, the werewolf slowly exited the cold pond, magic misting himself a pair of black pants and t-shirt, slicking his hair back. "Why'd you wait so long to tell me?"

"We couldn't find you." the Seer answered rolling the purple bubble now between his palms. He cringed as Dagan flicked water at him.

"You could have mind warped me." he brought his fingers up wriggling them by his ear.

"Uh...yeah suppose I could have thought of that." the dark haired male's voice took on a sheepish tone as he rolled his eyes blushing.

"Was the funeral nice? I mean..." Dagan couldn't look at him, the thought of Tombstone laying there in the ground not breathing ripped at his heart.

"Yes it was." Finn mumbled as he made his way out of the muddy bank. "Till Loki came and waved his hands like some sort of evil pottery guru and the damned mutt was standing there again." He gestured towards the small puppy shivering tight to the Seer's ankle. Dagan turned chasing after Finn suddenly growling, forcing the familiar to run towards the nearest tree.

"Loki was adamant that Tombstone was needed. Though why he resurrected him as a puppy is beyond me?" the Seer leaned down picking up the half timber wolf-half hellhound planting a kiss on his nose. "But damn, he's cute!"

Dagan just stood there for a long few seconds staring off into space, before thrusting both hands out in their general direction. "Give me the kid." He made a come here gesture as the Seer held the pup tight to him, unsure if he wanted to part with him. But Dagan got his way once again, snuggling the pup to his shoulder. "Loki gave her this little guy last time he jammed her with is experiment. It's connected to the baby." The werewolf sniffed the pup, a smile bright on his face. "Where is the walking leech anyways? Didn't think she'd let this little man out of her sight?"

The Seer cleared his throat. "And that's why we needed to find you. There's a bit of  trouble. Your uncle..."

"If the next sentence contains the words uncle and the banshee ran off together, save it. I don't care." he  scratched the pup's ears mindlessly.

"What about the sentence your uncle ambushed me killing Tombstone to begin with and broke the banshee's neck kidnapping her. Would that be any better to hear?"  Dagan let out a slow sigh of disgust as Tombstone whimpered.  "Did you hear me?"

"Yeah. And I'm ignoring you but you're still here, voice just nattering away like some nattering thing." Dagan turned from the Seer holding the pup with one hand as he once again ran his other hand through his hair, making sure it was slicked back out of his face. It hadn't moved, but he was feeling suddenly unnerved. "She's not part of the pack anymore. Not our responsibility."

"Victor said to tell you that you two have unfinished business." the Seer's words were rushed through clinched teeth.

"Victor said. Victor said." he mocked the other werewolf, tilting his head from side to side. "You were the kid in school who always ratted everyone else out to the teacher weren't you?" he growled. "Damn it!" Dagan kicked at the grass, letting out a roar of frustration that was all too human. His mouth fell open, his blue eyes shifting to the amber-grey of the wolf as he mumbled something to himself. "Why can't I seem to break free from that bitch?" he shrugged, Tombstone yawing, his tiny pink tongue darting out to cross Dagan's jaw. "I mean, I've killed her more times than I can count. Literally ripped her heart out, you were there you saw it. And she just won't stay dead." he bent at the knees kicking up another round of grass and dirt. "I had a god grant me my separation papers from that forced arrangement we found ourselves in. I even gave up drinking her vampire blood. Which by the way, is one of the best drugs on the planet, but don't tell her that it will go to her head." he shrugged again breathing in the warmth of the pup's fur. "Yet she's on my ass like a bad rash. Where is it written on stone in blood that I have to be the white knight with her? Tell me, I want to know?" he shuffled his feet as if to wipe his shoes, turning a half inch then turning back towards the Seer.

"You don't really want me to answer that." it was a statement not a question as the Seer held the purple bubble flat in his palm between them. The core of it beginning to pulsate as the location spell became stronger.

"She started off as Rolf's responsibility. It's his soul she's got a piece of making her all wolfy not mine. He's the one she's having share time with these days."

The Seer said nothing at first as he stood there listening to the other wolf pout. The bubble seemed to vibrate as it floated a foot above his hand. The Seer raised his eyebrows as he laughed to himself, delighting in the fact Dagan was feeling rejected.  "The spell is working now. I'm going to follow it, get my grandmother's book back at lest and try to save her. You coming or what?" he crossed his arms over his muscular chest suddenly feeling exhausted with the situation.

"Na, I'm good. Kick around here for awhile longer. Let you two love birds parade in like a bad buddy movie of her exes." he raised his chin as if to dare the Seer to defy him.

"What's the matter afraid of  a little competition?" the Seer's tone changed, lending a bite to it, reviving their original territorial issues. Issues both had thought buried months before. He cracked his knuckles, wondering just how long Dagan would stay pack alpha?  "I mean, I understand. Victor did shack her before you could." he made a clicking noise with his tongue. "That's got to hit a raw nerve." the Seer tilted his upper body towards him. "Hard to swallow."  

"This really has nothing to do with Nosferatu for either of you two does it?" Finn butted in as he jumped down from the tree, munching on what looked like a blue jay.

"Nope. It's all about who's got the best hair." Dagan replied giving him a look of disgust.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. And they call it puppy love?)

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