Saturday, January 3, 2015

Themed Week #1 Sequels

The Expendables 3

this is a 2014 action-comedy film starring Jason Statham and Kellan Lutz

plot: A group of ex military for hire break a former buddy out of prison because they are in need of his help in stopping an arms dealer. What they don't know, is it's another former group member gone rogue. Deciding that it's too dangerous a mission, the group's leader refuses to let the usual team join him and instead hires a younger group. They end up getting captured, and once again the older team members are dragged back in.

This was one of the better of the series. Lot's of laugh out loud moments, like in the beginning when they rescue Wesley Snipes character and ask him why he was in prison to begin with; smiling he says "tax evasion."  But for me, Antonio Banderas stole the whole thing. His character who talks non-stop, was the best part. I loved the one scene when he is having a slight temper tantrum and just stands there silent with his hands on his hips for two seconds. Priceless.

The game for me was counting how many actors in this movie have played vampires. Antonio Banderas having played Armand in Interview with the Vampire, Wesley Snipes having done the Blade series of films, Kellan Lutz having done the Twilight series of films, and Dolph Lundgren having done the Universal Solider films (vampires...zombie the theme is there) The rest of the time I kept thinking that Lutz reminds me of wrestler Brad Maddox....

Okay, and you notice this is day one of a theme week. I'm going to do one week a month in 2015 that is themed movies. January is obviously sequels. 

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