Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p24

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 178, chapter 178

The Seer and our heroine walked out of the hotel, our heroine whistling the way Rolf does when trying to get Reuben's or Dagan's attention. It was a strange quirk she'd found herself doing since the soul split. Tombstone came bounding towards them from behind the bakery.

"So what happens to your new pack?" the Seer air quoted the last word. "I mean, with you gone?"

"Fight among themselves, point an unofficial alpha officially." she shrugged. "I don't know." They stopped walking once they had reached the edge of the village.

"You don't have to leave them...if you don't want to." The Seer remarked looking back towards the village. "I mean, if you've started a life here, I don't want to be the one to..."

"Babe, they're not my family. You are. I would be home with the rest of you lot sitting in Ash's cabin if Bacchus..." she let her right hand fall to his elbow as she closed her eyes.

"Home. Not the same with everyone scattered. Reuben only stayed behind this time because Harker is still weak. Otherwise, Ash and Leo are just waiting around for Dagan to bring Rolf back from Odin's prison." the dark haired male swung his leg in a semi-circle balancing on his left foot like a bored nervous teenager.

"But...Rolf's not in there anymore." our heroine replied shaking her head.

"Um...what?" the Seer jutted his chin out in question, making a soft noise in his chest. He had to fight the urge to run the back of his knuckles lightly over the exposed inch of the female's collar bone, to keep her arm's length away as a small rumble of hunger made itself known. He hadn't fed his sidhe side in awhile, and having used magick earlier that evening, he was feeling the first signs of needing to feed.

"He past through here few days ago like right after you did." her voice was soft, inviting as she moved her thumb gently across the inner curve of his elbow.

"No one said anything. He never showed up back home...what?"

"Rolf can't. Seems the soul twin split thing is affecting him too. While I got the good with sharing his strengths, seems he's got the bad with sharing my weaknesses. The no vampire barrier is blocking him from going home too. "

"Then where did he go?" the Seer asked crossing his arms over his chest. He found himself mindlessly licking his lips, his fangs threatening to break his gums as his mouth watered. Blinking, he turned away from our heroine.  She pointed in the direction they were headed.

"Said Loki had a mission for him."

"That's good to know." a male voice said from out of nowhere. Both turned confused to see that there was no one at first glance. Someone or something then hit the Seer sending him flying sideways nearly fifty feet, his grandmother's spellbook falling out of his leather bag.  A figure appeared out of the shadows behind our heroine as if made from them, his hand at her throat. "I'll save your so-called new pack the trouble of killing you." Victor's voice never rose, never showed any emotion as he snapped her neck. Her limp body falling into his arms. The Seer was on this feet charging towards him when he found himself off the ground. Victor's hand raised holding him in midair like a puppet. "Get the book. Could use some light reading." he said over his shoulder as Bryon appeared from behind him. Scooping it up, the short man giggled. "Tell my nephew that we have some unfinished business to take care of." Victor moved his wrist casually sending the Seer falling hard to the ground.

By the time the dark haired male had looked up, Victor and Bryon were gone having taken the female with them. Getting to his feet, the Seer found Tombstone barely breathing a few feet away from  where the spellbook had landed before Bryon grabbed it.


tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (straight up story. Cursed that Frankenstein! )

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