Friday, January 2, 2015

Top 5 Fav grimoires

I'm sitting here, working on a few projects, doing research for stuff, and in the middle of a scorching migraine headache, decided to try to write the next segment of  The Nosferatu Adventures, and all I can think about is The Seer's spellbook.  Which got me thinking of the way books of that nature have been shown in movies/shows. So here's my top 5 fav Books of Shadows/Grimoires/Spellbooks  etc

1. Charmed BoS

2. Practical Magic family book

3. The Ninth Gate

4. The book of all knowledgefullness (Angel)

5.The Necronomicon (Evil Dead)

Bonus: Grimm's trailer of stuff, Supernatural's journals and bunker. and BtVS's Giles's library.

Okay, seriously, how could the Charmed book not be on the top of the list? (I have a whole theory on this book as well as the Necronomicon for another time) It's the coolest of the cool with it's potions and spells and demons and can flip on it's own and just seems to have what you need when you need it. The BoS became a character all it's own, with people not only wanting to settle with the collector's edition boxset dvd cover of it, but actually creating many many many fan replicas.

The double sided centuries old leather book in Practical Magic. This is another movie prop that has filtered into the minds and lives of fans. Not just as a prop, but you can trip over tons of self made replicas out there. The idea of a hidden side, that it's okay to admit you use those less then sparkly spells, has a delicacy to it.

The Ninth Gate. The fictional book which in the novel/movie turns out to actually be a collection of fictional books that make one book...did you follow that? Which is said to open the nine gates of hell, has sparked interest in movie fans and real LHP workers the world over.

The set of magickal blank books owned by the evil law firm Wolf Ram and Hart in the tv series Angel that you just have to pick up, and whisper into it's spine what you are looking an encyclopedia version of the internet...sends goosebumps of "I want I want!" whenever I think of the perfect book.  (if you are a fan of the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, you might remember her joking to her watcher Merrick about his "book of all knowledgefullness" when talking about cheerleading practice)

The infamous Necronomicon, that H.P. Lovecraft first made famous, and was turned into a mythos for the Evil Dead franchise, has sparked not only a fan base, but a controversy over itself for decades. So much in fact, that there are real copies out there. Or as real as you want to believe they are...(I mentioned my theory of it back in one of the chapters of my T.N.A. I'm not spending hours hunting to link either. my theory is simple: it has a power all it's own because people want to believe)

Bonus: The Grimm trailer of stuff , the Supernatural bunker and journals, and the library of Giles from BtVS are on here because I like the idea of a giant room filled with nothing but Occult material that's been collected for generations. The artwork put into the "journals" of the Grimm family members, the urban legends collected and proved by the Men of Letters and Hunters on Supernatural, the general geekiness of the local librarian who's actually a practicing Occultist dedicated to teaching someone how to identify and track/understand monsters...who wouldn't find all that spiffy!

Okay, that's way too much thinking/typing for me today. Getting a cup of tea now...
till later.

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