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The Nosferatu Adventures S7 p1

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 179, chapter 179

"Dagan's not coming." our heroine said, her arms crossed under her chest, giving her boobs a boost. "It's been over a week. With his werewolf superness, the speed, the ability to track anyone any distance, he would have been here days ago." she snorted. "Face it Victor, you lost."  She squared her shoulders, twitching. "Using me as bait for whatever twisted revenge you think you want on him, punishing him, just isn't going to work." She moved around the small cell, her emotions high.

"So you keep telling yourself." he raised his chin, his tongue visible against the top edge of his teeth. He could feel a heat rising in her even from ten feet away. Wasn't too sure if it was a desire or a hatred, but either way, Victor found the thought intoxicating. "When my nephew was a boy, about six or so years old, he would hide all his toys so that he didn't have to share them with his brother or anyone." he moved from the doorway of the wine cellar, crossing to where our heroine was, unlocking the storage area he'd turned into a makeshift cell. "He had this train set that he spent days putting together, building a little town of paper houses and a forest of tree branches." reaching for her, Victor grabbed her by the elbow dragging her out of the cell. Quickly he guided her through a series of maze like hallways till they reached a large room. "Then one day he stopped playing with the train set. And when his mother questioned him on it, he said he had taken a hockey stick to it, smashing it to pieces." Victor gestured towards the room letting go of her arm. "You know why? Huh? It was his prized toy, and he didn't want to have to share it with his brother or any of the servant's children so he destroyed it. He spent weeks afterward sneaking out at night, only six years old remember, sneaking out of the castle at night coming back filthy, having not slept. One night his father and I decided to follow him, feared he was sleepwalking. We found him in the back of the barn, the train set glued back together, hidden from everyone. Because he regretted his impulsiveness." Victor's blue eyes grazed over our heroine as he crossed the room opening a door in the corner, exposing first a bathroom moving through it opening an adjoining door to a small library, motioning for her to follow him, as he opened one more door this time to a nursery. "Of course, it was missing pieces and never really worked properly again, but..." he tossed a sly glance over his shoulder. "Dagan was too stubborn or embarrassed to let anyone know he regretted it, and you are that train set now." he brought his hands together rubbing them. "All though rounder, softer, and less shinny."

"Beautiful speech. I'd ask if you'd been practicing it in the mirror, but we both know you fall into them whenever you pass by one." she dared to take a step closer to him. The erotic pull Victor had displayed over her all those months ago seemed to still have a hold on her. It was like getting a triple dose of the seduction spell The Seer used. "Do whatever your plan is. Drain my blood, cut out my insides and use them for hair gel, whatever it is that you have up your sleeve. Holding me as bait on Dagan is pointless."she felt her voice fail her forcing her to close her eyes, swallowing.

Victor let out a sigh as he turned towards her. Our heroine couldn't look at him, even though he was five pounds around the middle heavier then Dagan, even though he was about three shades paler then his nephew, and there seemed to be more of a devilishness in his smile; Victor looked too much like Dagan. And that was the last person our heroine wanted to think of right then.  "Trust me, I'll do all that and more to you." he raised his hand to her face, cupping her chin forcing her to meet his gaze. "The things I plan on doing to your flesh..." he bit his bottom lip, his dimples on display. Now the female knew where Dagan got the habit from. "After that half-breed your carrying is born." he leaned closer to her, his nose trailing down her neck, his eyelids fluttering against her cheek. She blushed rapidly loosing herself to him. "That's the real prize. Until then..." he moved from her so quickly she started to topple over. "The south wing of this place is yours. I know it's not the castle, but given you still can't return to our kingdom, my family's vineyard will have to do. Some of the only property we have left in Prince Kraven's kingdom." he turned in the doorway of the bathroom to face her, still standing in the library. "And don't bother trying to escape. This place is sewn up tight with the same kind of magickal wards. You're not going anywhere sweetheart."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Well at lest it's free room and board right?)

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