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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p31

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 90, chapter 90


Grandmother tilted her head, a look of puzzlement on her face. "Leo? The king?"  both the Seer and our heroine nodded. "So he's out of his coma?"  they both nodded again. Grandmother put her hand flat on her chest as she shook her head, wiping away a tear. "I had a sister. Younger sister, who was so in love with him. But his father the king, forbid them being together because of the whole royal thing, and forced him into an arranged marriage with a princess from one of the next kingdoms. My sister was a mess after it. Our parents then arranged for her to be married, and ..." she trailed off her hand now making small circles in the air as she turned from them both, walking a few feet away. Turning back a half circle, Grandmother lowered her head as she continued.

"Now I see where you get your flair for the dramatic." our heroine whispered to the Seer. He couldn't hold back the giggle.

"My brother in law was a very kind man. They had a son, and I think he always knew it wasn't his biologically."

"Oh god, did Leo know this?" our heroine interrupted.

"No, no. Not as far as I understood. My sister kept it quiet for years. Specially after what happened."

The other two looked at her, their heads down, practically keeping themselves from jumping forward wanting the rest of the story.  "What?" they both screamed after one of the longest minutes ever.

"The reason Leo went into the magic coma in the first place. He bit her. While she was pregnant. He couldn't live with himself after that."


Dagan came out of the bedroom, a small dream catcher in his hair hanging down over his left ear, another one hanging out of his mouth that he was chewing on, and something in his right hand. He was holding his right arm behind his back, not wanting the others to see. He grabbed the dream catcher he was chewing with his left hand tossing it onto the table. "There anything sweet in this place? I have this craving for something sweet." he moved around them, still holding his right hand behind his back, trying to keep them from seeing what he had. Reuben was distracted with cooking, while Rolf was sitting down reading some of the old books that the witch had.  Neither of them noticed the other werewolf bring the item to his face and sniff  at first. It wasn't until the item got caught in the cupboard door, and Dagan had to fight the door to get it back.

"Why do you have that?" Rolf asked as he turned in his seat, one hand on his hip, a look on his face that was pure amusement.

"It's a dream catcher." Dagan replied pointing to the babble in his hair.

"No that." Rolf reached for the flowered material in his hand holding it up. "Nosferatu's dress."

"Thought that maybe..." Dagan tilted his head to the right, his eyes wide, right hand moving in a jittery shake. "That her scent might jog my memory. Since you keep saying she was my mate."  he snatched it back taking his treasure of found candy to the sofa.

"Hey! Hey! Do. Not. Put. Your. Feet. Up. On. My. Clean. Coffee-table." Dagan and Rolf turned to see Reuben standing there in the middle of the kitchen suddenly, an apron on pointing a spatula at him. "Just because we are animals doesn't mean we have to live like it all the time." his voice was sounding pinched. "When she comes home, I want her to not think we couldn't deal without her here."

"I don't think she's coming back here." Rolf mumbled into his book.

"Missing the point." Reuben replied as he turned back to his task. "Always missing the point."

Dagan put his left foot on the table dragging it down the edge leaving a clump of dirt, then his right foot dragging it sideways on the table leaving a smudge, before getting up and leaving the cabin with his small handful of candy.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (straight up story.  What kind of apron would Reuben wear?)

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