Sunday, December 29, 2013

Year 3 Day 25

movie: Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
starring: Kal Penn, John Cho
genre: Comedy
year: 2008
format: TV edit

plot: Picking up just hours after the first movie, the boys are getting ready to go to Europe to find Harold's new girlfriend, but are picked up mid-flight when Kumar decides to smoke pot on the plane with a bong. Security believing it's a bomb, send them to prison in which they manage to escape from. They then decide they need to disrupt the wedding of Kumar's ex, which is cross country.

I've found myself loving both parts 1 and 3 in this series, and was thinking I'd found a piece of gold when I saw MuchMusic was airing this -seemingly unedited- this weekend. But I didn't end up caring for this episode in the series as much.

There were moments when it felt like it had less of a plot, even though it actually seemed to have more of one then the first film. A few scenes had me wondering what they were really smoking in the writing room? 

I don't know, part 2 in the film series just left me feeling cheated.  I've heard there is suppose to be a part four, then heard it was cancelled, then heard it was back on.  If there is a part four, I hope it's better thought out then Escape was.

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