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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p33

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 92, chapter 92


Reuben in wolf form, was at the edge of the village, hunting. Dogs howling and barking not far off, something having disrupted them. Nose to the ground, Reuben followed the commotion, his playful side getting the better of him. He wasn't sure who the female was, or why she seemed to be causing the dogs to react the way they were. But she was clearly frightened as she found herself trapped by them, cut off from the path.
The dogs were scruffy looking hunting dogs, that some of the guards from the Fort would use to help trap the werewolves. Reuben could not understand why the dogs were bothering with her?
Spotting the large caramel coloured wolf, the female whispered two words. "Reuben help."

He had no idea how she knew who he was, or that he wasn't just a common wolf for that matter, but he didn't give himself time to over think anything. Licking his chops, the wolf jumped on top of the nearest dog, ripping a chunk out of his neck. The other two dogs growled and whimpered as they turned running towards the pub where their owner was.

"Dude am I glad to see you." the female replied as she threw herself against a wall. "Even if I'm not suppose to."  The wolf shook his head as he moved another foot towards her, sniffing deeply. There was a familiar hit on her scent. It took him a moment to realize that he'd smelled it earlier in the area where he'd found Dagan. The wolf  sneezed as he moved past her back into the edge of the woods, the female a few feet behind him. She turned her back on him waiting for him to finish shifting into his human self, clearly unnerved by the whole thing.  "Don't think I'll ever get used to that." she commented.

"Who are you?" the young Reuben asked, the leaves crunching under foot as he took a few steps towards her.

"How about I answer you once you've got some pants on." she smiled crossing her arms "Not that seeing you naked isn't always a highlight of the afternoon, but dude...I can only stare into those chocolate brown puppy dog eyes for so long before my own eyes wander."
The tall male smirked as he tilted his neck to the side, his long dark hair forming a messy curtain over his face. Lifting both arms out to the sides palms up, the familiar sound of the magic mist began to swarm around him, leaving a pair of faded-almost white jeans on him and a green shirt. "I like you better in black."


Reuben leaned against the nearest tree, a wave of dizziness suddenly coming over him. His ears seemed to be ringing with the overlapping sounds of someone talking to him. Spinning around, the werewolf couldn't see, or sense anyone else in the area, he was alone. Brushing at his shoulder, he could have sworn someone was pressing their hand on it, could feel someone's breath on his neck. He let out a short yelp of pain, grabbing then his arm just under the elbow. Blood began to gleam for a few seconds before he healed, the same sensation when Nosferatu had fed off of him.  "What the hell?" Reuben spun around again in a full circle, still not seeing anyone. "If this is a witch trying to put a hex on me, it's not going to work!" he screamed, the dizziness getting stronger forcing him to his knees.

And just as strangely and quickly as it had come over him, it was over. His mind cleared, the pain in his arm gone, the strange noises stopped. Running his hand through his hair, Reuben's eyes darted around the empty woods, as he sprang to his feet headed in the direction he'd left Rolf and Dagan.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Reuben needs to stick to black.)

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