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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p41

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 100, chapter 100

The auburn wolf leaped into the room through the open window, landing silently on his feet. Licking his muzzle, he quietly jumped up over the sleeping female to land just as quietly on the far side of the bed. The timber wolf pups were in the hallway on the other side of the bedroom door, howling. They had been for the last two hours. Dagan snorted as he began to stretch out beside the female. Then stopped, there was something beside the pillow. Growling, the wolf picked up the dead bird, jumped back down and tossed it out the window.  The timber pups had been leaving them 'gifts' all over the cabin.  Growling once more, Dagan again jumped up on the bed, this time he turned to our heroine sniffing her. He then decided to lick her face waking her up before jumping back down to the floor, shifting into his human form.

"You're disgusting!" the female screamed as she wiped her face in the blankets.

"You were going to sleep with a dead bird in the bed. Who does that?" he asked scratching at himself.

"You weren't even going to get human were you? We need more beds." she yawned. "Seriously, no matter how often I wash the sheets, everything in here smells of wet dog."

The werewolf curled up beside her. "Na. I've spent more time in human form in the last month then I have in the last thirteen years. Sometimes, I would just spend a week straight wolfed out." he had to put his hands over his ears, the sound of the pups howling was hurting them. Dagan then grabbed the vampire by the wrists, placing her hands over his ears with his own hands over her's.  It still did nothing to help drown out the sound.
Letting out a roar of frustration, the male got back out of bed and opened the door to let them in. He was greeted by the two pups going silent and a mess. Turning his head to the side, Dagan stuck out his tongue as if tasting something bad, his shoulders slumping. "We need to potty train them or something."
He spent the next fifteen minutes cleaning up the mess, before finally getting back into bed. He sighed as he discovered Dewy's butt in his face.  The little pup had his tiny body pressed as tight as he could against the headboard, perched delicately on the pillow, while Rufus had thrown himself over the female's arm. "Really, you let them into the bed?"

"I let you into my bed." she mumbled.

"Our bed." he said grumbling. Within a few seconds, he heard the two pups snoring and carefully picked them up, placing them on a pillow near the closet. "One more time, try this again." Dagan mumbled as he once more got into bed. He noticed the gap between them had widened, forcing him to reach out pulling the female to him tight. He could tell by her breathing she was still awake as he lifted his head from the pillow to look at her. She tried moving from him but he tossed his leg over her hip. "Would it really kill you to admit you like sharing a bed with me?"

"You're the one naked clinging to me like your life depends on it."

"Not my life...maybe the next twenty minutes?" he nuzzled her ear with his nose.  Dagan then made the next biggest mistake of his life.

He kissed her.

No wolfing out, no rage, no jokes or insults, just a simple kiss.  Moving from her a few centimeters, he scratched at his ear, balancing himself on his elbow, reaching for the blankets pulling them up to his chin tight. "Does this quilt make me look fat?" his voice cracked forcing him to clear his throat. The female couldn't hide her smile as she patted him on the jaw, her eyes caressing his frame.  A bright red aura seemed to outline the werewolf's head and shoulders suddenly, little sparks of gold running through it like glitter. He then started to fix his hair in the dark.

"You? Nervous? Huh." she traced a pale finger down his nose before settling back to try to sleep.  Dagan bit his lower lip as he shot a look over his shoulder towards the bedroom door. They heard the main cabin door then open and close indicating Reuben was home.

"Don't flatter yourself, I just caught his scent in the yard." he tapped her nose then. "Contrary to popular belief, even I have some dignity."

She was sitting on a park bench, the sky clear, a light breeze rustling the leaves, the grass, carrying on it the scent of lemons and pine. A little boy ran up to her, holding a handful of purple flowers, Forget-Me-Nots. He was very pale, with messy hair the colour of dried apricots not really a redhead but not really sandy-brown either. His eyes completely black as if they had no pupils. Blinking, he smiled at her, his eyes then changing to that of the wolf, as he handed her the flowers. "Come on mommy I have to show you something." He ran back towards the playground, stopping twenty feet away jumping and giggling. Nosferatu got up still holding the flowers and followed him, but quickly lost sight of the little boy. "Mommy!" she turned to see him running in circles to her left, his t-shirt now covered in mud, a black substance dripping from his nose. Waving his hands, the little boy was beside her again. "Mommy! You're too slow. All them will be gone before you get there." He grabbed her hand dragging her towards a large sandbox piled high with bones. "Can I have this one? I promise I'll take care of it." he asked grabbing a white skull that was clearly from a wolf. Nosferatu looked at him again, trying to understand where he had come from. "Mommy, mommy mommy...why don't I have anyone to play with? Why are all the others afraid to play with me?" She tried to answer but couldn't speak. The little boy turned back towards the bench, suddenly turning into a small white wolf before disappearing. 

Nosferatu woke to the feel of the bed shaking. She found Reuben kneeling over her, his hand on her hip. It wasn't the bed that was moving it was her. "You up? Good. We've got company."

"There's a man bleeding on my sofa. Why is there a man bleeding on my sofa?" she said stumbling out into the livingroom, the smell of blood hot in the air like cooper and salt.  He looked familiar only nothing was coming to mind as to how. Then she realized it was Jance, one of the Queen's advisors; only he'd shaved his mustache.

"We found him like that promise." Dagan said hands in the air, a look of innocence in his blue eyes. "Said he needed to see the Seer." he wiped his feet as a grin appeared on his face. Dagan found that to be funny. "He's got a thing sticking out of him." pointing towards the arrow that was stuck deep into his side.
Our heroine looked from one werewolf to the other, knowing full well neither was going to even try to remove it. Sighing, she told Jance to brace himself as she twisted the silver tipped arrow out. Blood poured out of his wound faster, causing him to spasm and cough. More blood then at his lips. The female swooned as the smell filled the air, her ears pounding with it; her nose tingling.

She was outside before she could blink, Reuben having literally scooped her up, carrying her away from the sight.  "Dagan will take care of it. I'm going to take you to the docks."

She nodded, licking her lips, her fangs cutting into her lower one. "You guys are always saying I should feed on humans, so just let me."

"Can't. He hasn't done what he came here for. We're going to go get the Seer, then take you to the docks." Reuben's voice became pinched as he started to shove her out of the yard.

"He's not going to make it that long if one of us doesn't turn him." she answered, having to take a deep breath.

"No one's turning him. Understood." Reuben's hair was falling between them, swinging against her face. "You are not making that man into a vampire, his blood was tainted. The arrow was in him too long. Even if we wanted to turn him into a werewolf, we couldn't because we can't ingest his blood."

Few  minutes later...

"This guy came to the Fort about two weeks ago. Was thrown into the death matches. Won all of them. We're talking like forty or so. I've never seen a fighter like him. Not human anyways. So I tested him for being a werewolf, but he came out clean. Then this second guy shows up few days after that looking for him. Said he could help make the guards stronger. The second guy was a witch or something. Started using parts of the dead guys who had lost in the matches in some ritual. Next thing I know, no one's dying in the matches. At lest, not staying dead. I know the Seer was a witch, so I thought, he might be able to help."  Jance said coughing up more blood.

"That would explain those super guards you were fighting the other day." the Seer commented to Dagan. "The black oily blood."

"Have any idea on this?" Jance said as he leaned over vomiting. The Seer shook his head no as he got a glass of water for him.

"This is really going to hurt." he said placing both palms on Jance's stomach, chanting under his breath. The blood began to clot, the wounds slowly closing. Jance screamed as his body began to spasm again, feeling like he was being sliced into from the inside out. After the first two waves of pain ripped through him, it started to lessen. Moving from him, the Seer smiled wide having fixed the internal injuries. "We need to stitch that up." he said pointing to the small outer wound.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Zombies man...zombies.)

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