Sunday, December 15, 2013

Year 3 Day 13

movie: Christmas in Conway
starring: Andy Garcia, Riley Smith
genre: Drama
year: 2013
format: TV

plot: A grieving husband decides that he's going to build a ferris wheel in the backyard, so that his wife who is dying of cancer can have one more great memory.

Okay, so not what I was expecting when I read the title of the film. This is not a christmas movie, but a real heartfelt story that just happens to be happening at christmas. The casting was perfect, the plot clear, the acting really believable.
I had a difficult time not crying with this one.  It is a made for tv movie from Hallmark.

What did I think I learned?  This is all about forgiveness. Forgiving each other and ourselves.  The story revolves around the character Duncan and a guy from their past who once stole from them. The two have to learn to accept each other and their own pasts in order to work together.

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