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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p40

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 99, chapter 99

"That is the cutest thing I've seen since I looked in the mirror this morning." the Seer said pointing at Dewy. He watched as the timber wolf pup jumped and chased a bug, as Rufus lay on the sofa beside them, his tiny face on his paws.

"Dagan's turning us into a daycare." the female answered as she reached over his shoulder, pushing a stray lock of hair out of the Seer's eyes. A small growl came then from the area by their feet causing both to look at the little pup. Dewy, it seemed did not approve.

"I stand corrected, that was the cutest." he touched his hand to her cheek, his seduction spells sending a wave of relaxation through her. "Have you told Reuben yet about what we learned?"  The female shook her head as she leaned on the Seer's shoulder, her arms then around his waist; snuggling.

"I still don't have proof." she sighed closing her eyes. "I mean, yeah it seems logical enough. Leo being his grandfather, but...and if he is, how is he going to take it? How's Leo? Not too mention have you considered the fact he'd be related to you? They both would." another small growl was heard as Dewy jumped up on the Seer's leg clawing at him.

"Well, Leo wouldn't actually be related cause it was my great aunt he had the baby with, not my grandmother." he pantomimed the word 'ow' as the little timber wolf pup bit his hand. "Why's he doing that?"

"Yeah I don't know." the female then leaned over picking him up, holding the little pup on her lap. Dewy clumsily managed to move to the Seer's lap and promptly peed on him.

"Dagan teach him that?" he asked

"Wouldn't put it past him."

The Seer went to clean up, as the female walked into the kitchen finding a bowl filling it up with water for the two pups, and taking a handful of bacon she had cooling for them placing it on the floor. Walking back out of the bathroom, the Seer hooked his thumb in the direction of the bedroom.

"You're not actually shacking up with him are you?" he ran his hand through his hair smoothing it in place, a devious smile on his perfectly pale lips. "You do realize that regular wolves mate for life right?"

"And this has what to do with us?" she asked as the two timber pups started whimpering and scratching to be let out. The Seer scratched the back of his neck, the seductive smile making his eyes sparkle.

"You didn't answer my question."

"I have no idea why you're asking."

"It's one of those things werewolves have in common with timbers." he gestured towards the now open door, as his sensitive hearing picked up the sounds of the two pups chasing a squirrel. "Once a male werewolf has claimed a mate, he's locked in for life. Literally physically unable to cheat." he closed his eyes dipping at the knees then bouncing. Tilting his head, he ran his hand through his hair again, this time out of what our heroine thought was nervousness. "It's the weird protective loyalty werewolves are prone to. I have this..." he turned his lips up into a pout as he shrugged. "...this unnatural desire to make sure you're okay. And maybe a part of me hopes you're not shacking up with him so that after awhile, he suffers." he smiled wide, his eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf.  "Why do you think having a mate holds so much status? It's not something to be taken lightly. Think of it like a safeguard to keep shifters from just saying they have a mate for the automatic alpha status it gives, or as a way to keep ', from taking a new mate every time they are challenged and dethroned. In case you haven't noticed, the rest of the pack are flying solo." his voice raised on the last sentence, his left arm gesturing wildly.

"Sometimes, you make me really want to poke your eyes out."

"But not now right? Now you want to make some more bacon for me." he pointed to the frypan. "And pancakes, with hash browns. Please. Pleaseeeee." he squeezed his eyes shut begging like a kid. "You owe me for your little baby substitute pet thing peeing on me." he moved another step closer dropping his forehead to her shoulder. "Hear that. My stomach."

"You can cook. I swear, we were with your grandmother less then 24 hours and suddenly you're acting like you are helpless. What is it with males when it comes to stuff like that?"

The Seer started to trace symbols on her arm as he pouted. "Sometimes, its just nice to have someone looking after you." he shrugged as he traced her ear, making her squirm and duck from him. "If Dagan is smart, he won't wait too long to turn this into a real relationship. Not that I want you to let him." he kissed her temple.
The timber pups were wrestling on the floor a while later, while the Seer was happily finishing off his second plate of food.  He watched as Rufus strutted away the winner, after making his brother yelp in pain; Dewy sporting a bloody ear. Snorting, Dewy sulked off to investigate the rest of the house, while Rufus took the coveted spot in the sun under the window. Our heroine barely noticed the two creatures as she continued to copy out pages from some of the old witch's books.  "Why are you doing that?"

She let out a sound of emotional exhaustion, as she closed the vampire themed binder. "Helps me to think. Besides, all this information, and only one copy of things. After the whole thing with your grandmother's spell book, just thinking it might be nice to have doubles. Keep some of the werewolf laws and lore straight."

"So you're turning that ratty old notebook into a book of shadows?" he scrunched up his nose at her, slightly turning his shoulders as if having been offered something distasteful.

Dagan was at the market square, helping Ash set up a small cart when his nose twitched. Turning, both males spotted the Seer coming out of a small shop, carrying a book.  "Shopping?" he grabbed it from him, holding the dark green coloured volume by the back cover, letting it flap against his chest. "It's blank."

"It's meant to be a gift." the Seer replied snatching it back.  Dagan smiled, his blue eyes sparkling. He didn't need to bother asking who for. The smile shifted into a snarl as he leaned forward both hands on his belt.

"I know what you're up to. I can smell her scent on you. You lost pal. And no amount of sucking up will change that." Dagan licked the corner of his mouth, pointing at the Seer. "Charm the screech owl all you want, doesn't change the fact I'm still alpha." he ran his hand through his hair fixing it. "Locked down for the next few hundred years."

The Seer said nothing, just smiled one of his too charming to be sincere smiles as he continued on his way.  Ash was staring at the younger wolf, one very tattooed arm crossed over the edge of the cart, resting his chin on it.

"Have you ever bothered to stop talking and pay attention? You're so caught up in being top dog that you sometimes miss the big picture."

Dagan shook his head, eyebrows raised. "Okay fine, what big picture?"

"Maybe not everyone is after the status. Dumbass. You are the only one who is really affected by the restrictions of having claimed her. The rest of us aren't, she sure isn't."  Dagan huffed as he threw his head back, eyes half closed, mouth open as he processed what Ash was telling him. "I think you need to worry less about your position as alpha and more about the female who helped you secure it." Ash shrugged. "She's already run off with the Seer once and that was after you claimed her."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures, starring your (straight up story. The male ego, always gets in the way.)

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