Monday, December 30, 2013

Year 3 Day 26

movie: Rise of the Guardians
starring: Hugh Jackman, Jude Law
genre: Drama, Comedy,
year: 2012
format: online Netflix Canada

plot: The Boogyman has started to get revenge on all the other holiday icons, and kidnaps the Tooth Fairy's students, as well as all the memories-thus power of belief- of children by stealing their teeth. As the Boogyman covers the world with fear, the other holiday icons start to loose their powers. Only Frost can help, even though he's spent so much time invisible, therefore only being at half power as the others.

This was one of those films that came up as a "if you liked this, then we recommend this" on Netflix Canada, and something I wasn't really sure I wanted to get into.  I'm still sort of on the edge with this one. One of those, not sure I really liked it, not sure I really hated it.

And the point of it was?  I think it was about how we're not too old for believing in the positive/imagination of the impossible... I think?  It also seems to be about managing our fears, and not judging others.  

And, I added the tags of witchcraft/vampires; because of the Boogyman. He is a creature that feeds on fear and depression.

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