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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p39

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 98, chapter 98

Dagan crouched in the dirt, running his fingers through the prints. They were larger than a timber wolf, but there didn't seem to be any scent indicating another werewolf other then himself and Reuben. Grinning like a little boy, he turned silently on his heels as a mother timber wolf and two pups walked quietly from the brush. The one on the right with a white muzzle pranced up to him, sniffing then pounced on his knee. He was a tiny furball that surprizingly smelled of dew and grass.

"Just think, you were like that once." he commented to Reuben.

"Uh, no I wasn't." he leaned over ripping a large chunk of meat from the deer he'd hunted, holding it out for the mother. "I didn't even know what I was until age 12." he pointed to Dagan's face. "You've got some dinner on you."

The other male wiped it away. "School teacher. I needed something more filling after the little bonding exercise earlier with our female. We've got to get her drinking something other then us." Reuben burst out laughing. "That sounded less x-rated in my head." Reuben fell over then, still laughing, his face red, tears at his eyes. "You're worse then a seven year old with fart jokes. What's gotten into you?" Dagan asked turning his attention back to the pup who was now playfully biting at his hand. Growling, he made the wolf pup yelp as it ran back to it's mother.  Reuben said nothing, just handed him a small leather pouch. Opening it, Dagan's eyes went wide as he sat getting comfortable beside his friend. Reaching into the pouch, he pulled out a small speckled egg. "Gremlin eggs? Where did you get gremlin eggs?" he asked popping one whole into his mouth. He was almost afraid to chew into it, remembering the last time they had sneaked off getting high with the eggs. Reuben didn't answer, the drug had already kicked in and the dark haired werewolf was staring at a low hanging tree branch, captivated by a leaf.

Dagan felt something wet at his face, the smell of mud, wet fur and blood itched at his nose. Opening his eyes, he saw the little timber wolf pup whimpering as it frantically pawed and licked his face. The little animal was shaking with fear. Getting up, the male scooped the tiny pup into the palm of his hand, as he crossed to the edge of the brush. The creature started to raise his muzzle whimpering and yelping the closer they got. That's when he spotted Reuben hunched over the lifeless body of the mother timber wolf.

"Must have happened when we were passed out." Reuben said as he continued to examine the body. There didn't seem to be any physical signs of a struggle.

"Damn it!" Dagan's voice rang out echoing enough to scare a few birds from the nearest trees. "How the hell did that happen right under our noses?"

"I have no idea. But the really sad part is, this mommy was about to have another litter." Reuben replied pressing on the sides of the dead animal.

"Wasn't there a second pup?" Dagan asked. Reuben pointed to a log few feet away where the little grey animal was shivering.

"He refuses to come near the body."

They arrived back at the old witch's cabin an hour later to find our heroine sitting in front of the fireplace. Dagan knelt down beside her, the one wolf pup snuggled against his shoulder. Bending his face to her, Dagan rubbed his nose and forehead on her neck, arm and chest.

"What the hell?"

"Have to make sure you are me scented." he held the little pup up then between them, cradling it's muzzle on the tip of his finger gently as he spoke to it softly. "I know she's ugly but you'll get used to her. And what her face lacks she sort of makes up for in being huggable."  the male got up as he handed her the timber pup, checking the kitchen for milk. Right away the pup yawned, sniffed her for the familiarness of Dagan's scent. Taking the second timber pup from Reuben, Dagan returned to sit beside the female, placing a bowl of milk on the floor for the two creatures.

"We have got to stop this." Reuben said as he closed the bathroom door.

"You still haven't gotten a handle on this situation?" the female asked as the second pup padded over to her sniffing.

"It's getting worse. Almost none left in the kingdom." Dagan's voice held a heaviness to it she'd only heard once before. The male scratched the first pup behind the ear, a far away look in his blue eyes. "That's Rufus." he said pointing to the second one who had stepped into the milk bowl leaving a puddle in his wake. "And he's Dewy." he said picking up the first one letting the soft wet nose brush against his chin. Dagan couldn't hide the smile as his dimples made him look like a little boy.
A storm started to rumble, frightening the already freaked out animals. It wasn't until Rolf showed up still in wolf form, and curled up by the fire to dry off that the pups settled down. The second he had come in, they had smelled wet dog and ran straight for the large onyx werewolf. Snorting, the large wolf growled at Dagan.

"Why isn't there more?" the female asked out loud to no one as she headed towards the bedroom.

"What'd ya mean?" Reuben walked out of the bathroom, leaning on the door.

"This has been going on for a while, and you're saying only two abandoned pups? Where are the rest of them? And if they're being killed too, why?" she pointed to the large werewolf in the living room, who had one timber pup curled up beside him and one who had climbed on top of his back, stretching across his neck. "How'd they escape?"

"And that's why we pay you the big bucks." Dagan replied pointing at her.

"Pay me?" she squinted at him. He advanced towards her, nodding as he pulled her to him, hugging her shoulders to the point she heard the right one pop, as he rested his chin on her hair.

"You want me to pay you? I could pay you, right that room." he was still giddy.  They heard Rolf give another snort as he carefully got up, one timber pup following him, the other he'd picked up by the scruff of the neck in his teeth, wandering back outside.

"Where'd he go?" the female asked.

"Most likely the chicken coop out back." Reuben remarked.

"God, we really need a bigger house."

"I like it here. It's cozy." Dagan commented as he sniffed her hair, then her neck grunting.

"Dude, it's designed for two people max. Not three overgrown shifters and a liter of wild dogs." the female moved from him, closing the bedroom door.  Reuben snickered as he patted his buddy on the shoulder.

"Think your bank is closed tonight. No deposits or withdrawals, Better luck next time." he let out a breath as he turned his eyes up to stare at Dagan over his shoulder, before putting his hair back into his trademark too smooth to be human ponytail. His chocolate brown puppy dog eyes filled with mischief. 

"What?" Dagan was still standing there chewing on his bottom lip.

"Nothing man. Nothing." the tall male shrugged as he hugged his elbows.

"Na, na. I've known you too long, there's something in that brain of yours."

"She's got a point. Where are all the timber wolf pups? Not to invite trouble, but I don't remember burying more then a half dozen that day. And we buried like six full packs." he scratched his ear. "And you've got to stop insulting her."

"Then we'd never communicate."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Dagan's just a softy.)

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