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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p32

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 91, chapter 91


Rolf was filling a basket with berries, going over in his mind about the new guy. There were almost double the bitten werewolves lately as there were born ones. He checked the list of ingredients again that he'd gotten from the book, realizing he still needed nutmeg. It wouldn't be as good as his aunt had made it, but the tall male was going to give it a real try.  His ears twitched as the air around him changed.  Rolf was down on the ground in pain before he even had a chance to turn.

Our heroine had gone for a walk, unable to sleep and wanting to let the Seer and Grandmother have some time alone. Grandmother had noticed the handwriting in the spell book stopped being her's and was solely the Seer's in about nine years time. She was taking the news well, but in her own overly dramatic way. 
She stopped cold in her tracks, hearing the roar of pain coming somewhere to the left of her. A roar she'd heard more then enough times in the last month to know who was in trouble. Without hesitating, she ran off in the direction to help her friend.  

The arrow was sticking out of his hip, another just managed to miss his head as Rolf rolled out of the way, but the poison from the silver tip was already starting to work it's way through his blood. He tried to grab at it, but that only made it break off and the silver tip ended up slipping farther into his flesh.

"Don't move! You're only making it worse." the female voice said over his shoulder. Rolf made a grab for her, missing and falling slightly on his hip. Another scream of pain ripped from the male.

"You're not going to win! I won't let you!" his mouth was covered in blood saliva. "Amazons, I'm going to rip each and everyone of you apart once I get this out of my leg!"

"Groovy, only I'm not an amazon. Now hold still, you're just making it worse!"  He tried to move away from her, his eyebrows knitted together in pain. "Dude, you have to trust me. The real ones who did this, they're not that far behind their arrows."  kneeling beside him, our heroine started to dig the arrow piece out of the larger male's leg. He flinched from more then just the pain, he seemed to be completely uneasy with her anywhere near him. "Every time you move, it goes deeper into your leg, the poison spreading faster. Stop moving or I will sit on you, then you can spend the next two days healing from broken ribs."  She managed to get the silver arrow tip out of his hip, tossing it into the forest.
Rolf fell back on the ground for a moment, his breath labored as he ran his hands through his long mass of curls. Getting up, he spotted the burn marks on our heroine's pale hands.

"It burned you too? You don't smell like a werewolf." he stood there tracing the burns on her right hand. "What are you?"

"Vampire. You need to get out of here, and...and forget you met me."


Rolf rolled over in his sleep, a dream that was a half memory played over in his mind. The first time they had met Dagan, Rolf had one of his first run ins with just how dangerous silver could be to them. He had been alone, gathering supplies, hunting, knowing that for the first few days Dagan wouldn't be able to survive on his own. Rolf remembered the arrows that seemed to have come out of nowhere, missing him, one landing in the tree beside him, one landing in his foot. The pain had been more then he could handle, but he'd managed to get the arrow out before the poison from the silver spread too far. He had managed to get back relatively unharmed. It was also the day he decided he needed to change. To become braver, more confident, stronger.
He twitched in his sleep, the memory changing, morphing into something else. Nosferatu was there, helping him. Much like when they had first met her, when the amazons attacked them by the stream. He woke feeling like his head was spinning. Sitting up, Rolf shook his head, sniffing deeply as he tried to make sense of the dream.

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