Sunday, November 30, 2014

My dream match

So, there is a Chopped marathon today on Food Network Canada, and one of the celebrity episodes was just on. Hold that thought...I caught up with this past week's WWE Raw and Smackdown, and the gimmick this week was Kane being forced to serve the fans, follow me if you will into my morbid idea of a dream match.
If the WWE did an episode of Chopped for charity...they haven't have they?...who would be the best to pick?  Well, you could go with the usual suspects like Cena, Miz, Rock, Bryan, all of who are the faces of publicity. Or, you could go another route and pick wrestlers you wouldn't normally think would do something like this. 
I mean, on one hand, it's cooking. Now, I personally have no clue who in the wrestling world can actually cook, so I'm just throwing out names of who I think would make for an entertaining hour of kitchen mania.

No wrestler was harmed or intentionally insulted in making this post

1) Seth Rollins...I would love to see what he would do with the mystery box filled with corn on the cob, candy floss, moose sausage and green onions. Then again, I just love watching Seth Rollins do anything.

2)Wade Barrett...can't you just picture him leaning on the judges table telling them he's got some bad news after they have chopped him for forgetting to get all four basket ingredients on the plate?

3)Micheal one would expect him to wipe the floor with everyone, but remember he is 1-0 at Wrestlemania, I think he could handle the dessert round.

4)Triple H...I could totally see him spending the first five minutes of the appetizer round just trying to find the right spices while distracting everyone with stories of the time he did the movie Blade 3 Trinity. (yes it's the only one of his movies I've ever seen therefore the only one in my mind that he's done...wonder if he kept the metal fangs?)

5) Roman Reigns...biggest challenge for him would be keeping the judges from swooning while he ran around the kitchen. As long as that curtain of hair stayed out of the plates...

6)Bray Wyatt...can't you just picture him adding hot sauce to everything and then laughing when he gets chopped, just before jumping up on the judges table and stomping on everyone's plates?

7)Adam Rose...I have no bloody idea why, but I see him screaming for the watercress while gathering greens for garnish.

8)Bo Dallas...I could see him telling everyone that it won't matter who wins because it's for charity and that everyone's a winner if they just bo-lieve. And having everyone in the studio including the camera crew toss dinner rolls at him.

That's my idea of a dream match, if WWE were to do a celebrity episode of Chopped USA or Chopped Canada. (and if they have, someone point me to the episode)

Till next time


  1. I got a good giggle out of this, because I just watched a bit of Blade 3 on tv last night. I remember thinking that I must not have watched it before, because I would have remembered Triple H being in it. Fun post - I'd watch any combination of these!

    1. That's what I'm here for, to make you laugh, and snot coffee at the computer.