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The Nosferatu Adventures s6 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 164, chapter 164

Tombstone turned towards the doorway, growling just as the soft sound of a male's shoes scuffed on the floorboards. Our heroine misted herself a knee length sweater, fastening the buttons half way up. She hated to admit it, but Dagan had been right about how she'd let herself fall into the habit of looking less like a female, blending with the guys. And now, with this new pack, she found herself suddenly wanting to be seen. She caught the scent of moss and salt water, underlining the scent of  wet dog. Telling the hellhound to stay in the room, our heroine opened the hotel room door making her way down to the lobby of the building.

Standing there with his back to her was Ferguson. His shaved skull covered by a hat, his left thumb twitching in circles as he stared intently at the photos that lined the lobby walls. "I haven't been in here in years." his soft voice was low, hinting on gravely. He nodded towards one of the photos pointing at the row. "That's my grandfather. The one on the far left."  It was of a group of miners. "Never found him. Or his team for that matter. Lost, buried somewhere in the cave in back in the 1920's." He turned to look at her finally, his red beard looking freshly combed. He smiled at her tilting towards her slightly, his hands in the pockets of his jeans. "What?" he asked, his blue eyes shinning. Our heroine could do nothing but smile back, wondering why so many werewolves seemed to have blue eyes?  "Two things. One, I'm suppose to let you know if you want to join us for supper we eat around six, and Two, this was left for you at Jarl's." he handed her a white card.  Taking the little invitation, the female read it silently.  It was an invite to the sister's house that afternoon for tea.

"An open invitation." she mumbled to herself. Which of course, the werewolf heard.

"More like a command. Trust me, if the Eltons have decided to invite you over, it's not out of the kindness of their hearts." Ferguson commented. "Those women are up to something."

"And if I don't?"

"They will make your life socially speaking hell." he shrugged scratching at his neck. "Either way, you're going to need a dress. Cause what you've been wearing I'm sure by now is the hot gossip with them." his smile became a full on laugh.  Sighing, our heroine told him to tell her what he thought as she magick misted a knee length sundress. The werewolf's eyes got wide as he moved closer to her. "You don't say you were a wolf..."

"Cause I'm not. Okay, that's sort of a lie. I've got a little wolf in me...long long story. What I want to know is why everyone is so damned determined to put me in a dress?" she let her hands slap against her thighs. "I mean seriously, what's wrong with a nice pair of slacks? Some of us just don't have the legs for dresses."

Ferguson continued to smile at her, as he tried not to make her feel bad. "I could answer that politely or the way I want to. Either way, that's not going to cut it." he gestured to the sundress. "Ankle length, corset, lace around here..." he turned then grabbing her by the wrist pulling her towards another row of photos. "This here." He pointed to one that looked like it came straight from the 1880's. "The sisters have a standard. The rest of the females in the area follow suite."

"You've got to be kidding me right? Please tell me that you're shacking with me right now."

"Yeah, I'm shacking with you. A little." the 5 foot 11 werewolf said snapping his fingers. "I'll just take you to the general store. You can pick something out there." he pushed her towards the front door of the building. "Do you like fishing?"


"You screwed me!" Bacchus screamed pointing at Loki. The dark haired god closed the book he was reading, leaning on the bookcase.

"You've heard about my visit to Nosferatu then?" he cleared his throat.

"Bastard!" the sandy haired god was pacing back and forth, his one hand on his hip, the suite he was wearing flying around him as he removed the jacket, then the tie. Buttons seemed to fly off in all directions of their own accord. "You knew I was ready for the next phase, you had your chance. It was my time, and you went behind my back and screwed me over!"

"Oh relax!" Loki said not looking at him. "I did what I had to do! We had a deal. She would be with my pets for the next 150 years. 150! I get my heir, my recovery of my werewolves, then you get to whisk her off into the sunset like some trophy wife. Seriously, have you bothered to check in on the situation much at all? Huh?" Loki moved around the library, his hands out at his sides. "She's not ready! Not for what you need. She still doesn't play well with others." he air quoted the word others. "She's still not strong enough to lead your army of bacchae. She'd rather fight the amazons every chance she has then join them! What does that tell you?" the dark haired god looked at Bacchus waiting for the realization of what he was saying to click. "So yes I restarted my experiment. Knocked her up again." a devilish grin lit up Loki's face, giving his brown eyes deep laugh lines.

"And put her in danger of Pan once again!" Bacchus screamed slamming his fist into the bookcase. "If Pan gets his hands on her baby...a demi-god, there will be no stopping him. Did you bother to think about that when you slipped your orbs into her?" the sandy haired god was fuming, veins sticking out on his forehead, his normally pale cheeks the colour of beets. "We can't be around to protect her during the whole pregnancy."

"Which is why you'd better hope she finds that cat sooner rather then later." Loki said casually, winking at his friend. "I maneuvered her close enough to find Finn. Once she does, and breaks the spell cast on him, then he will be there to protect her this time."

"Like he was suppose to the first time around? Yeah that worked so well didn't it? Stupid cat got himself captured by a witch."

"Oversight. Besides, he at lest will give her something to fight for. That's something Nosferatu still needs. Reason, purpose. Family. You separated her from her pack. I am giving her a new one, even if it's only for a few months. Not even like she's a loose cannon. she won't fight without a reason. She won't train without a reason, won't bother to learn. She needs this as much right now as we need her to." Loki punctuated his statement by pulling out a chair from the table in the middle of the library, sitting down, his feet up. Waving his hand, a glass appeared. Slurping noisily, the god cleared his throat. "Relax." he waved towards the mirror, causing smoke to fill it then settled on an image. "Watch the hockey game."

"You better be right about this!"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.)

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